Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My New Experience....Nagarkot Night Camp,

Last friday, my m. sc. class mates planned to go nagarkot night camp as a party for being Telecom Engineers by 4 class mates(prakshet,dinesh,nabaraj & sujan). as the plann was designed before our final masters exam.
as per our plan, we left kathmandu from IOE at 5 PM. we were 13 friends among 16. other friends were absent, but i didn't know why they absent. we were drived to nagarkot thru 7 bikes. i was behind prem's bike upto bhaktapur salaghari and switched to meen's bike. it was almost night around 7 Pm we reached to the destination hotel.
actually i didn't know what is camp firing. on that day i am entertaining with camp firing. its nothing just seat around the fire, keep warm and drinks. bashanta, the event manager of that program managed all the drinks. he managed sprite for me, thanks. Around 8 PM friends started uploading whisky, bear, wine etc...what can i do? some friends forced me to drink hard but i never. i completely rejected then my senior friend told me that "babu sir, have u ever drink wine which specially for ladies, we have wine today." then i replied "ok sir but don't want to be lady". laughing.....all friends...he replied "don't think so..we are just entertaining.lets check how is ladies bear. we must take experience of everything." i excited then and ok requested to the event manager for half a glass of wine. then the manager replied me that..."u don't get full glass because we didn't have sufficient wine..laughing."
that was my 1st experience when i took wine. friends were fully entertained up to 2 PM. playing madal, guitar, and songs..antaksheri etc...
at 10 PM, i just want to sleep but friends didn't want me to sleep. any way i tried...i told that i want to go toilet. from this clue i went to sleep but prem was following me so he got back me to the spot again and starts dancing. any way friends were full. so grabing this oppertunity i went to sleep. at 12 PM, manager came and waked me up for dinner. we took dinner and then went to bed.
some friends still got entertaining by jokes (so danger jokes yar......i never heard before...real jokes of their life...ha ha ha ha). this was my time to be in nagarkot. i know i have to catch son rise early in the morning. manager waked up all friends at 5 AM and we went to the nagarkot tower around 6 AM. took several photoes on the nice son rise..amazing.. i will upload all photoes later in my blog.. we returned back from tower at 9 PM. i was behind prakash dai with meen's bike. unfortunately i the bike slipped on the road where mobil on the road was the main cause. we both failed on the road that i just jumped over and prakash dai got little wounded around heap. by the way i used my both pam first on the ground and god... i was not wounded at all. thats a bitter experience(bike accident). any way we reached to our hotel..took photoes at another beautiful spot and got back to kathmandu. i went to my home at banasthali and just slept whole day due to early night's hanged up.
so i felt so happy that we all succesfully returned back thru bike and got full entertainment...thanks to telecom engineers for giving us such a beautiful event in my life..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mass Assessment Bunked in Communication Theory (3rd Dec. 2006, Sunday 8 PM)

today, i am feeling little unhappy because we(M.Sc. Students) rejected an assessment examination of communication theory, really a complicated subject in our masters course.
from the past history and present status of this subject we felt that we couldnot attempt the exam that means we could write nothing in the exam. so we all were ready to stop the exam and planned to request our teacher(Daya Sagar baral).
as per our plan, our discussion started with sir 30 mins before the exam. we requested to our sir that we were really sorry because we were still not fully confident on this subject so either convert this exam as assignment or lets shift the exam. unfortunately our respected sir denied to do anything and we had to appear the exam by force. every guys had set their mind not to appear the exam but planned to just get the question paper and left it blank.
when our sir supplied question papers toward us, my heart blinked a bit more.
ussssssssssssssss what a nice question. but my one friend told to left the exam and really he went out from the room.. continuously other guys left the room. and we finally rejected the exam though the question paper was so easy and could be easily solved. my mind became offset that we really sorry with our teacher. such a situation was never happened in my life and my studies. what our teacher felt?
so we are really sorry for that. it was our mistake that our thought is completely negative with this subject means its really a difficult subject. i think difficulty of subject matter depends on the teacher. we are very positive with our teacher and our teacher is really positive with us too though we were not able to appear this examination. sorry again for this.
any way the exam shifted to next sunday 24th mangshir 2063 which is just two days before our final masters examination of the same subject.

best of luck!! to all guys for the assessment and final exam of this subject(Communication Theory) and best of luck!! to me also.
next assessment of digital image procesing is comming soon. i think we have to study in time otherwise same events will repeat. so baburd, left writing to this blog. just stop and start preparing the assessment and final exam of ur masters course.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what do i felt today (Early Tuesday, 3:20AM) ?

wauuuuu i woke up early in the morning. Its too cold, the environment in IOE, so i always wakeup after 7Am morning. but i don't know why i woke up early this morning.
ya i knew that my exam is coming soon. i have to study more because some subjects are too difficult for me. another thing what i felt today that almost time i am in IOE with Job & in Hostel. what my parents thought, every parents want their childs always with them. though my parents live in kathmandu i rarely meet them once in a 20 days.
so i feel today that "what is love". love is really a big thing, i know how much my parents love me but i always didn't feel that=> "बाबु आमाको मन छोरा छोरी माथि, छोरा छोरीको मन ढुङ्गामुडा माथी". but sometimes i confused with the word love & like. if someone else tell me that "i love u bro?" or "i like u bro?"... hummmmm what is the difference i must have to take care of my parents & my family that is waht i realized today & "TRUST" the word is important in life.
but i don't know how i woke up early...ohhhhh yaa i think my parents are far from me now, they went my old village. still i don't know when they come back. any way my parents! i am waiting you in kathmandu. best of luck your trip to village.
final exam ko pani little little tension badirachha...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Busy Life

How Busy yar!!!!
Final Exam Comming soon, Assessments, Paper Presentations, BE exam Guard, Official Activies. System engineers are almost busy in their job. they need to work hard to build thier system staqble and need to understand client's comments also.
what a boring life yar. sadai busy busy & busy!!!!!
i am busy for one month. any way life must be busy also.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today 17 Nov. 2006 Friday,

i am writing this blog after a long break. actually i felt so unhappy today that DNF (Dalit NGO Federation) account head indirectly deny me to provide experience letter of my work. i had developed a project i.e. "Electronic database of Dalit NGOs of Nepal" which was web based project used ASP Script with MS-SQL Server & Nepali Unicode.
i trusted DNF and project supervisor on this project and completed in time before of my payment. still DNF has to pay me Rs 5000. but they are just lingering to pay and i went Three times for this payment and experience letter. i have a contract paper signed between me and DNF. as per my contract i completed my job and requested for payment as well as experience letter but the guys why they behave like "come tomorrow, come tomorrow ......". just print the letter and get signature from director, it takes about maximum 3 minutes but the related person is always busy except that he has sufficient time joking with other staffs and sufficient time for lunch. why such Nepalese guys (specially NGOs & INGOs) are not trusty and helpfull? i don't know what they want from me. i think i must get what i did. i didn't ask for the illegal work..............any way lets see, i will try more & more then once i will be successfull. when i success then i will write another blog

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today 9th Nov. 2006, Thursday
i just wakeup today and socked that i did nothing for the Masters project. i need GCC Compiler for C programming in Linux so as to analyze the log file of web server. though several friends suggest me to develop the project in Pearl-CGI but i not confident with Pearl. so i choose programming in GCC. not only this i need to analyze the performance of diferent proxy authentication techniques for WinNT domain users. ohhhh, i need heavy study for SAMBA, WINBIND/LDAP,NSS,NMB and NTLM. But unfortunately i still starts nothing.
Wakeup baburd!! there is no time for you, because your final exam is comming soon in one month, so finish the project before exam. my today's time is consumed by Prof. Timila Yami Thapa cause i have to help her for a presentation about policy to develop ICT for Nepal. She is recently going to present as representative of IOE on the intellectual forum. so i downloaded almost all the ICT Acts, telecom policies/Act etc.. for the help to mam.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today 4th NOv. 2006 saturday,
i stay in MSC hostel whole day today. Heard all nepali/hindi/english songs available in my PC. just completed assignment of communication theory but still not finished properly. me as computer student, electronics subjects are so irritating. i am doing research on opensource specially on linux packages and IPv6 Networking but i have to study probability theory, FFT, FS, channel coding, source coding. how irritating for me yar.
"google" really great. when i upload my blog, recently google cached it. how fast is the google he he he..
Today 3rd Nov. 2006, Friday,

my daily works completed normally. but i made a mistake because i have to go NITC to discuss about mail server setting. NITC, Nepal's main IT governence body still don't have web based mail. so Dr. Subarna, Executive Director of NITC requested me to configure mail server. for this, yesterday i gave a word to DB Rawat to go NITC together to discuss about this issue.but i just remembered that today is the time to hire Network Engineer in CIT through Interview.By the way there were only three candidates appeared in the interview, one comedy is that 2 among three are my class mates so i was in trouble that i can't support any one coz both are my mates. any way all candidates appeared in the interview. lets check who will be the successful candidate for Network Engineer in CIT.Due to this chakker of interview i forgot to call DB and to go to NITC. no matter let we go another day, don't angry DB dai with me hai.
so today is normal for me but little interesting also, i called my special friend and started talking. the talking was so lengthy that i just remembered after i checked my watch. it was one and half hour contersation, so amazing. what was the topic to remain in phone all over this time? ok keep the evening, i appeared in the masters class of Communication theory, when baral sir talk about assignment, hasssssssss i completely forgot to complete the assignment. then i committed to submit the assignment on coming sunday. ha ha ha almost students try to ignore assignment what i show today. i felt this becasue i am also a Teacher of BE students.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31st Oct. 2006,
My Friend Prakshet of NCIT remembered me yesterday and requested me as External Judge for BCA Final year Project. so i appeared on NCIT around 12:45 PM today and the project presentation starts.
Almost all the projects are developed in VB/MS Access, VB/MYSQL, PHP/MYSQL. The Project Titles are like Hotel MIS, College MIS, Online Shpping etc...i.e. of same pattern. Any way students worked hard for their project but i think Final year project is not so easy. It must be hardly/Laborously developed. These days, there is tough competition in market for job to BCA Students even its tough to BE students...JAMANA COMPETITION KA HEYEEE. so every product must be competitive and must do struggle even in Nepal.
The presentation completed at 5PM. I got Rs 2500 as remuneration from NCIT. Actually i was bankrupt today. so thanks to NCIT & Prakshet ;) .
I felt nice experience as an external examiner in another college like NCIT. Sometimes it will be usefull for us because we old engineers may not know about new technologies, new software packages in market and new programming style. Experience is the most in life what i feel.

Monday, October 30, 2006

today 30th october 2006,

first of all i joined to SOI Operator's Meeting thru mIRC, VIC/RAT from IOE,TU. Actually the job was so simple because all the steps of configuration was alreaded provided by kotaro & husni from SFC Japan. i did as per the document like MTU setting, UDbox site Ip address change and Udbox segment renumbering.
but kotaro didn't send me the steps for UDbox segment renumbering. from mail he recently mailed me the steps of UDbox configuration. By the way we are using Sony box in place of UDBox. but Kotaro just thought that we are using UDBox. so just misunderstanding. i am roamed with steps for Sony Box but Steps for Sony Box had already been completed by me which was then cleared by kotaro. then Network was up but no VIC/RAT working. The main problem was that sony box can't work with MTU 1500. so first step had been reverted. i made certain change in /etc/rc.conf and machine restarted but problem......:( . then i didn't query SFC teachers rather i tried to find the solution in net. i can't get solution in net. The main problem is that the kernel is displaying lots of message so that i couldnot edit /etc/rc.conf. it was about 1/2hr i tried to fixed but still not found the solution. at last i remember the command ifconfig fxp0 down and ifconfig fxp1 down. thats all , after that no any kernel warning, i changed rc.conf file and again up the network. so simple.
actually i took almost 3hrs but the job was actually 5 mins. ha ha ha, how much effort!!!!
any way, i felt nice today. nice experience.