Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31st Oct. 2006,
My Friend Prakshet of NCIT remembered me yesterday and requested me as External Judge for BCA Final year Project. so i appeared on NCIT around 12:45 PM today and the project presentation starts.
Almost all the projects are developed in VB/MS Access, VB/MYSQL, PHP/MYSQL. The Project Titles are like Hotel MIS, College MIS, Online Shpping etc...i.e. of same pattern. Any way students worked hard for their project but i think Final year project is not so easy. It must be hardly/Laborously developed. These days, there is tough competition in market for job to BCA Students even its tough to BE students...JAMANA COMPETITION KA HEYEEE. so every product must be competitive and must do struggle even in Nepal.
The presentation completed at 5PM. I got Rs 2500 as remuneration from NCIT. Actually i was bankrupt today. so thanks to NCIT & Prakshet ;) .
I felt nice experience as an external examiner in another college like NCIT. Sometimes it will be usefull for us because we old engineers may not know about new technologies, new software packages in market and new programming style. Experience is the most in life what i feel.

Monday, October 30, 2006

today 30th october 2006,

first of all i joined to SOI Operator's Meeting thru mIRC, VIC/RAT from IOE,TU. Actually the job was so simple because all the steps of configuration was alreaded provided by kotaro & husni from SFC Japan. i did as per the document like MTU setting, UDbox site Ip address change and Udbox segment renumbering.
but kotaro didn't send me the steps for UDbox segment renumbering. from mail he recently mailed me the steps of UDbox configuration. By the way we are using Sony box in place of UDBox. but Kotaro just thought that we are using UDBox. so just misunderstanding. i am roamed with steps for Sony Box but Steps for Sony Box had already been completed by me which was then cleared by kotaro. then Network was up but no VIC/RAT working. The main problem was that sony box can't work with MTU 1500. so first step had been reverted. i made certain change in /etc/rc.conf and machine restarted but problem......:( . then i didn't query SFC teachers rather i tried to find the solution in net. i can't get solution in net. The main problem is that the kernel is displaying lots of message so that i couldnot edit /etc/rc.conf. it was about 1/2hr i tried to fixed but still not found the solution. at last i remember the command ifconfig fxp0 down and ifconfig fxp1 down. thats all , after that no any kernel warning, i changed rc.conf file and again up the network. so simple.
actually i took almost 3hrs but the job was actually 5 mins. ha ha ha, how much effort!!!!
any way, i felt nice today. nice experience.