Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31st Oct. 2006,
My Friend Prakshet of NCIT remembered me yesterday and requested me as External Judge for BCA Final year Project. so i appeared on NCIT around 12:45 PM today and the project presentation starts.
Almost all the projects are developed in VB/MS Access, VB/MYSQL, PHP/MYSQL. The Project Titles are like Hotel MIS, College MIS, Online Shpping etc...i.e. of same pattern. Any way students worked hard for their project but i think Final year project is not so easy. It must be hardly/Laborously developed. These days, there is tough competition in market for job to BCA Students even its tough to BE students...JAMANA COMPETITION KA HEYEEE. so every product must be competitive and must do struggle even in Nepal.
The presentation completed at 5PM. I got Rs 2500 as remuneration from NCIT. Actually i was bankrupt today. so thanks to NCIT & Prakshet ;) .
I felt nice experience as an external examiner in another college like NCIT. Sometimes it will be usefull for us because we old engineers may not know about new technologies, new software packages in market and new programming style. Experience is the most in life what i feel.

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