Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what do i felt today (Early Tuesday, 3:20AM) ?

wauuuuu i woke up early in the morning. Its too cold, the environment in IOE, so i always wakeup after 7Am morning. but i don't know why i woke up early this morning.
ya i knew that my exam is coming soon. i have to study more because some subjects are too difficult for me. another thing what i felt today that almost time i am in IOE with Job & in Hostel. what my parents thought, every parents want their childs always with them. though my parents live in kathmandu i rarely meet them once in a 20 days.
so i feel today that "what is love". love is really a big thing, i know how much my parents love me but i always didn't feel that=> "बाबु आमाको मन छोरा छोरी माथि, छोरा छोरीको मन ढुङ्गामुडा माथी". but sometimes i confused with the word love & like. if someone else tell me that "i love u bro?" or "i like u bro?"... hummmmm what is the difference i must have to take care of my parents & my family that is waht i realized today & "TRUST" the word is important in life.
but i don't know how i woke up early...ohhhhh yaa i think my parents are far from me now, they went my old village. still i don't know when they come back. any way my parents! i am waiting you in kathmandu. best of luck your trip to village.
final exam ko pani little little tension badirachha...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Busy Life

How Busy yar!!!!
Final Exam Comming soon, Assessments, Paper Presentations, BE exam Guard, Official Activies. System engineers are almost busy in their job. they need to work hard to build thier system staqble and need to understand client's comments also.
what a boring life yar. sadai busy busy & busy!!!!!
i am busy for one month. any way life must be busy also.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today 17 Nov. 2006 Friday,

i am writing this blog after a long break. actually i felt so unhappy today that DNF (Dalit NGO Federation) account head indirectly deny me to provide experience letter of my work. i had developed a project i.e. "Electronic database of Dalit NGOs of Nepal" which was web based project used ASP Script with MS-SQL Server & Nepali Unicode.
i trusted DNF and project supervisor on this project and completed in time before of my payment. still DNF has to pay me Rs 5000. but they are just lingering to pay and i went Three times for this payment and experience letter. i have a contract paper signed between me and DNF. as per my contract i completed my job and requested for payment as well as experience letter but the guys why they behave like "come tomorrow, come tomorrow ......". just print the letter and get signature from director, it takes about maximum 3 minutes but the related person is always busy except that he has sufficient time joking with other staffs and sufficient time for lunch. why such Nepalese guys (specially NGOs & INGOs) are not trusty and helpfull? i don't know what they want from me. i think i must get what i did. i didn't ask for the illegal work..............any way lets see, i will try more & more then once i will be successfull. when i success then i will write another blog

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today 9th Nov. 2006, Thursday
i just wakeup today and socked that i did nothing for the Masters project. i need GCC Compiler for C programming in Linux so as to analyze the log file of web server. though several friends suggest me to develop the project in Pearl-CGI but i not confident with Pearl. so i choose programming in GCC. not only this i need to analyze the performance of diferent proxy authentication techniques for WinNT domain users. ohhhh, i need heavy study for SAMBA, WINBIND/LDAP,NSS,NMB and NTLM. But unfortunately i still starts nothing.
Wakeup baburd!! there is no time for you, because your final exam is comming soon in one month, so finish the project before exam. my today's time is consumed by Prof. Timila Yami Thapa cause i have to help her for a presentation about policy to develop ICT for Nepal. She is recently going to present as representative of IOE on the intellectual forum. so i downloaded almost all the ICT Acts, telecom policies/Act etc.. for the help to mam.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today 4th NOv. 2006 saturday,
i stay in MSC hostel whole day today. Heard all nepali/hindi/english songs available in my PC. just completed assignment of communication theory but still not finished properly. me as computer student, electronics subjects are so irritating. i am doing research on opensource specially on linux packages and IPv6 Networking but i have to study probability theory, FFT, FS, channel coding, source coding. how irritating for me yar.
"google" really great. when i upload my blog, recently google cached it. how fast is the google he he he..
Today 3rd Nov. 2006, Friday,

my daily works completed normally. but i made a mistake because i have to go NITC to discuss about mail server setting. NITC, Nepal's main IT governence body still don't have web based mail. so Dr. Subarna, Executive Director of NITC requested me to configure mail server. for this, yesterday i gave a word to DB Rawat to go NITC together to discuss about this issue.but i just remembered that today is the time to hire Network Engineer in CIT through Interview.By the way there were only three candidates appeared in the interview, one comedy is that 2 among three are my class mates so i was in trouble that i can't support any one coz both are my mates. any way all candidates appeared in the interview. lets check who will be the successful candidate for Network Engineer in CIT.Due to this chakker of interview i forgot to call DB and to go to NITC. no matter let we go another day, don't angry DB dai with me hai.
so today is normal for me but little interesting also, i called my special friend and started talking. the talking was so lengthy that i just remembered after i checked my watch. it was one and half hour contersation, so amazing. what was the topic to remain in phone all over this time? ok keep the evening, i appeared in the masters class of Communication theory, when baral sir talk about assignment, hasssssssss i completely forgot to complete the assignment. then i committed to submit the assignment on coming sunday. ha ha ha almost students try to ignore assignment what i show today. i felt this becasue i am also a Teacher of BE students.