Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today 17 Nov. 2006 Friday,

i am writing this blog after a long break. actually i felt so unhappy today that DNF (Dalit NGO Federation) account head indirectly deny me to provide experience letter of my work. i had developed a project i.e. "Electronic database of Dalit NGOs of Nepal" which was web based project used ASP Script with MS-SQL Server & Nepali Unicode.
i trusted DNF and project supervisor on this project and completed in time before of my payment. still DNF has to pay me Rs 5000. but they are just lingering to pay and i went Three times for this payment and experience letter. i have a contract paper signed between me and DNF. as per my contract i completed my job and requested for payment as well as experience letter but the guys why they behave like "come tomorrow, come tomorrow ......". just print the letter and get signature from director, it takes about maximum 3 minutes but the related person is always busy except that he has sufficient time joking with other staffs and sufficient time for lunch. why such Nepalese guys (specially NGOs & INGOs) are not trusty and helpfull? i don't know what they want from me. i think i must get what i did. i didn't ask for the illegal work..............any way lets see, i will try more & more then once i will be successfull. when i success then i will write another blog

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