Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today 9th Nov. 2006, Thursday
i just wakeup today and socked that i did nothing for the Masters project. i need GCC Compiler for C programming in Linux so as to analyze the log file of web server. though several friends suggest me to develop the project in Pearl-CGI but i not confident with Pearl. so i choose programming in GCC. not only this i need to analyze the performance of diferent proxy authentication techniques for WinNT domain users. ohhhh, i need heavy study for SAMBA, WINBIND/LDAP,NSS,NMB and NTLM. But unfortunately i still starts nothing.
Wakeup baburd!! there is no time for you, because your final exam is comming soon in one month, so finish the project before exam. my today's time is consumed by Prof. Timila Yami Thapa cause i have to help her for a presentation about policy to develop ICT for Nepal. She is recently going to present as representative of IOE on the intellectual forum. so i downloaded almost all the ICT Acts, telecom policies/Act etc.. for the help to mam.

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