Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what do i felt today (Early Tuesday, 3:20AM) ?

wauuuuu i woke up early in the morning. Its too cold, the environment in IOE, so i always wakeup after 7Am morning. but i don't know why i woke up early this morning.
ya i knew that my exam is coming soon. i have to study more because some subjects are too difficult for me. another thing what i felt today that almost time i am in IOE with Job & in Hostel. what my parents thought, every parents want their childs always with them. though my parents live in kathmandu i rarely meet them once in a 20 days.
so i feel today that "what is love". love is really a big thing, i know how much my parents love me but i always didn't feel that=> "बाबु आमाको मन छोरा छोरी माथि, छोरा छोरीको मन ढुङ्गामुडा माथी". but sometimes i confused with the word love & like. if someone else tell me that "i love u bro?" or "i like u bro?"... hummmmm what is the difference i must have to take care of my parents & my family that is waht i realized today & "TRUST" the word is important in life.
but i don't know how i woke up early...ohhhhh yaa i think my parents are far from me now, they went my old village. still i don't know when they come back. any way my parents! i am waiting you in kathmandu. best of luck your trip to village.
final exam ko pani little little tension badirachha...

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