Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mass Assessment Bunked in Communication Theory (3rd Dec. 2006, Sunday 8 PM)

today, i am feeling little unhappy because we(M.Sc. Students) rejected an assessment examination of communication theory, really a complicated subject in our masters course.
from the past history and present status of this subject we felt that we couldnot attempt the exam that means we could write nothing in the exam. so we all were ready to stop the exam and planned to request our teacher(Daya Sagar baral).
as per our plan, our discussion started with sir 30 mins before the exam. we requested to our sir that we were really sorry because we were still not fully confident on this subject so either convert this exam as assignment or lets shift the exam. unfortunately our respected sir denied to do anything and we had to appear the exam by force. every guys had set their mind not to appear the exam but planned to just get the question paper and left it blank.
when our sir supplied question papers toward us, my heart blinked a bit more.
ussssssssssssssss what a nice question. but my one friend told to left the exam and really he went out from the room.. continuously other guys left the room. and we finally rejected the exam though the question paper was so easy and could be easily solved. my mind became offset that we really sorry with our teacher. such a situation was never happened in my life and my studies. what our teacher felt?
so we are really sorry for that. it was our mistake that our thought is completely negative with this subject means its really a difficult subject. i think difficulty of subject matter depends on the teacher. we are very positive with our teacher and our teacher is really positive with us too though we were not able to appear this examination. sorry again for this.
any way the exam shifted to next sunday 24th mangshir 2063 which is just two days before our final masters examination of the same subject.

best of luck!! to all guys for the assessment and final exam of this subject(Communication Theory) and best of luck!! to me also.
next assessment of digital image procesing is comming soon. i think we have to study in time otherwise same events will repeat. so baburd, left writing to this blog. just stop and start preparing the assessment and final exam of ur masters course.

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