Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My New Experience....Nagarkot Night Camp,

Last friday, my m. sc. class mates planned to go nagarkot night camp as a party for being Telecom Engineers by 4 class mates(prakshet,dinesh,nabaraj & sujan). as the plann was designed before our final masters exam.
as per our plan, we left kathmandu from IOE at 5 PM. we were 13 friends among 16. other friends were absent, but i didn't know why they absent. we were drived to nagarkot thru 7 bikes. i was behind prem's bike upto bhaktapur salaghari and switched to meen's bike. it was almost night around 7 Pm we reached to the destination hotel.
actually i didn't know what is camp firing. on that day i am entertaining with camp firing. its nothing just seat around the fire, keep warm and drinks. bashanta, the event manager of that program managed all the drinks. he managed sprite for me, thanks. Around 8 PM friends started uploading whisky, bear, wine etc...what can i do? some friends forced me to drink hard but i never. i completely rejected then my senior friend told me that "babu sir, have u ever drink wine which specially for ladies, we have wine today." then i replied "ok sir but don't want to be lady". laughing.....all friends...he replied "don't think so..we are just entertaining.lets check how is ladies bear. we must take experience of everything." i excited then and ok requested to the event manager for half a glass of wine. then the manager replied me that..."u don't get full glass because we didn't have sufficient wine..laughing."
that was my 1st experience when i took wine. friends were fully entertained up to 2 PM. playing madal, guitar, and songs..antaksheri etc...
at 10 PM, i just want to sleep but friends didn't want me to sleep. any way i tried...i told that i want to go toilet. from this clue i went to sleep but prem was following me so he got back me to the spot again and starts dancing. any way friends were full. so grabing this oppertunity i went to sleep. at 12 PM, manager came and waked me up for dinner. we took dinner and then went to bed.
some friends still got entertaining by jokes (so danger jokes yar......i never heard before...real jokes of their life...ha ha ha ha). this was my time to be in nagarkot. i know i have to catch son rise early in the morning. manager waked up all friends at 5 AM and we went to the nagarkot tower around 6 AM. took several photoes on the nice son rise..amazing.. i will upload all photoes later in my blog.. we returned back from tower at 9 PM. i was behind prakash dai with meen's bike. unfortunately i the bike slipped on the road where mobil on the road was the main cause. we both failed on the road that i just jumped over and prakash dai got little wounded around heap. by the way i used my both pam first on the ground and god... i was not wounded at all. thats a bitter experience(bike accident). any way we reached to our hotel..took photoes at another beautiful spot and got back to kathmandu. i went to my home at banasthali and just slept whole day due to early night's hanged up.
so i felt so happy that we all succesfully returned back thru bike and got full entertainment...thanks to telecom engineers for giving us such a beautiful event in my life..

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