Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hindu’s Live function: one week ceremony (SAPTAHA) in Vanasthali Ekaltar

its about one and half week I returned back from Japan but due to office work load I were so hanged up. By the way, near in my home at vanasthali, a new temple has been established and people of that zone are conducting one week special ceremony so called “Hindu Maha Yegya”. I spent my half day on that ceremony and captured several photos of that special function. This program is specially dedicated to hindus where peoples gather there and listen speech by pandit (who described all about puran). We know the book of muslim is Kuran, Buddha is Tripitak and cristian is Byble. Specially elder people above 50 years old and married women like listening this program. I felt very interesting by today’s program as its musical and so exciting. Though I am hindu, I don’t like such kind of program, in the sense that it’s a kind of superstition. The pandit try to spread out things written inside puran but I felt almost all written inside this book is superstition but today from his lecture I found some scientific reason also and I felt that its 1800 years old book (puran) which describeed logical and technological things as well. Lets see some snapshots of this ceremony.

Newly Established Temple at Ekaltar Vanasthali, KTM

Gatherings on the function and listening prabachan

nominated persons who donated Rs 10,000 for the temple

excellent pandit (guru) who spreads puran to all

GOD inside temple (mahadev)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Asian Night: one more beautiful party with special foods

20th October 2007, almost at the end of my internship period in SFC. This night is really more interesting for me. Thai foods, Myanmar foods, Nepalese Foods, Indonesian Foods, Japanese Foods and American Foods..wauuuu what a great combinations. The main objective of Asian Night is a food party in which everybody has to prepare their own food on the spot. This food party is specially dedicated for interns who have to make food of their own country.

We were four interns at that time. Ni from Thailand, chaw from Myanmar, Arif from Indonesia and Me (Dawadi) from Nepal with SFC staffs and professors. We made our own country foods. Previously I was wonder about how to make Nepalese food. Actually I didn’t know the special Nepalese food but I had some Nepalese recipe (Nepalese rice, meat masala, curry masala, and daal). I declared to make Nepalese rice, chicken curry potato salad (aalu ko achar) and almond bara. I was not perfect about cooking though I have more than 3 years cooking experience but I don’t have any experience to make special Nepalese food. Any way I prepared food by Nepalese style. I tested all foods of Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, American and Japanese. I liked foods from each country. This is a kind of good experience about sharing culture related with food by different countries. It was almost 10PM night. We returned back Leo-palace by car with Haruhito-san. Let us see some snapshots of different country’s food:
Nepalese Rice and Checken Fry

Busy in Cooking and preparing

Preparing Chicken for cooking ha haha

All Country Foods

Testing different country foods

My important moment: I got certificate of my three months internship periods. Prof. Dr. Keiko Okawa and Prof. Dr. Jun Murai provided me that certificate with blessing. Thank you very much Profesors. I will do my best towards your dreams.
Myanmar Food

Thai Food: Tom Yam kung

Indonesian Food

American Food

Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the end of my internship period: Final Presentation in SFC

Ohhh..i am in the last stage of my three months internship period in SFC. No more time it takes to pass the time. I completed my three months learning in Murai-LAB, Japan. Our final presentation was set on Thursday 1PM sharp. On this week I was almost in hurry to prepare my final presentation. Almost time, I thought about how to summarize my three months study within 20 Minutes. Just the day before we visited KDDI NOC (Network Operation Center) where the professor at university of Tokyo demonstrated us security center of Japan, NTT network and WIDE Network. We first visited university of Tokyo and after meeting professor kato, he started demonstrating the network operation of Tokyo University. I am really impressed by such a great professor about his knowledge to operate network as well as his nice demonstrating style.

I had never ever imagined that how the security system could be implemented. By this visit, I realized that it’s a great job and great way to control and secure the data. You may have three layers of security to reach to the gear. I don’t want explain any more about this because it’s a secret about security implemented by Japanese. It’s not under my rights to explain this.

I come to my final presentation now. On Wednesday evening, my supervisor advised me to reduce to slides drastically and made me to explain just about my additional task. I started summarizing my slides of my additional task only. It was being very hard for me to reduce the slides..because I have to reduce it from 93 to 25 only. Any way I reduced all the make the complete slides which included my experiences also. It was about 46 slides to be completed on 20 minutes..might be impossible but I just tried to show slides fast. On this final day of my learning, professor keiko-san, supervirors, funya-san, sayaka-san were my audiences. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my professors, supervisors, supporters and all SFC members/staffs. Without your support, nothing was possible. Bbut my time in Japan was really memorable, beautiful and invaluable.
Final Presentation from my Laptop

My presentation Slides

Group photo: fom left abazh, sayaka,chaw, babu, prof. Keiko, Arif & Ni

Group Photo at the end of presentation

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Problem with my laptop in my vmware-week

Full of entertainment as well as full of trouble for me around this week. Last Sunday, we four interns were in akihabara. The traffic is almost closed inside akihabara on sunday and people come across the road for fun. We saw several fun programs and models (ha ha ha) advertising live on the road about company’s products. I spent almost 35 thousands yen on that day in akihabara by which I bought watch, USB HDD and next Digital Camera. Though I already have camera, I purchased the 2nd one as due to its cheapness.

On that night, I did some nuty things with my laptop. I inserted my new USB HDD, created the disk and also I deleted the old hidden disk which contained some boot information and backup of my laptop. Fortunately, I backed up my all contents to USB HDD before restarting my laptop. So no problem at all. When I restarted my note, could not load OS from the BIOS. Uffff…. “OS not found any key to reboot”. It was around 12:30AM night. So disconnected from net..what could I do? I could not repair at all on that night. My XP CD was alo not with me..coz it had alerady been taken by sudarshan at tokyo. I called sudarshan soon and planned to go to his dormitory early morning. Badluck, sudarshan couldnot find that CD in his room..suspected to be left on college. After having lunch from sudarshan’s room, we went to his campus for CD. Thanks god, I got the CD and started upgrading my laptop. The CD upgraded my laptop successfully but couldnot write boot information again. So same problem repeated. Then I just format all and reinstalled the XP. After fresh installation, no drivers of audio, video, network…..ufff..i had to go to LAB to make my note up. So I directly came to LAB and installed all drivers. Then got back to leo-palace by catching last bus from KEIO. Still I didn’t had office installed in my note. On the next day, I got office 2007 backp copy from chaw’s note.

XP installation process in my note in tokyo college

Installation Progress snapshots

Since two weeks before I have been working with VMware server installation and configuration. I had to prepare presentatin of my Vmware but all VMs from my note gone due to reformat. Extra burden……I just reinstalled everything and started analyzing my VMs again ha ha.

This week is my vmware week. i installed three FreeBSD in three VMs and tested with different network connection. VMware is really interesting. It’s a real OS emulation. Everything can be done with VM like what we can do with real machine. VMware DISK image creating (VMDK file), changing configuration on .VMX file and testing etc…

Yesterday I faced one trouble with test in my VMs. Then command “vmware-cmd” has several functionalites. We can control almost everythings from command line using vmware-cmd command like registering/unregistering VMs, starting/stopping/suspending/resetting VMs, changing the network configuratin and other configuratin parameters by setconfig command options etc..

I tried to change the network topology and make two routers conned to same network. When I ran the command:

#Vmware-cmd c:\virtual machines\BSD3\FreeBSD.vmx setconfig Ethernet1.vnet VMnet3

Setconfig (Ethernet1.vnet VMnet3)=1

It seems that it changed the network to VMnet3

#Vmware-cmd c:\virtual machines\BSD3\FreeBSD.vmx getconfig Ethernet1.vnet

Ethernet1.vnet = Vmnet3

But can’t ping to another PC, that means though the network changed, but didn’t show the effect of change. I roamed 3 /4 hrs on this problem. The solution is simple…I have to disconnect and reconnect the ethernet device to see an effect.

The following video is a sample road side music played by foreigner in Akihabara city japan during their leisure time.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nagatsuta cooking & Kamakura Tour

This week, I entertained more. Cause last Sunday, I went to nagatsuta, sudarshan’s apartment where we traveled whole day around big supermarket. These days I become the nice cook ha ha. I cooked even in sudarshan’s room.
my dinner sausage

cooking in sudarshan's room

sudarshan just helped me in cooking ha ha

Today’s tour to Kamakura is another interesting part for me. We, four interns of SFC planned already to go to kamakura, the city equipped with lots of temples and historical places. We all are from different countries. Ni (Thailand), Chaw (Mynmar), Arif (Indonesia) and Dawadi (Nepal) ha ha ha..we enjoyed travelling around the kamakura city and beach. We visited big statue of BUDDHA. I knew, Nepal is the birth place of lord Buddha but Buddha is famous in japan. There were numerous people going towards Buddha and eager to take photos. I also took some snapshots of Buddha. It seems that kamakura city is like bhaktapur city of Nepal. This city has several temples.

kamakura..sample photo

big lord buddha in Kamakura

small, newly established buddha in kamakura ha ha ha

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Modern City of Japan: Odaiba

Yesterday, I discussed with my friend sudarshan about our plan for tour to somewhere else around tokyo. So i invited him to my room yerterday evening. This morning we planned to move to Odaiba city. While I was in nepal, I heard that, there is a big city in Japan which is built just after dumping the garbase on the sea. Now I knew that the city established over the dumping site is Odaiba. Its another city of out of imagination for me. The city infrastructures, management and from every aspects, odaiba is nice city what I found. I am just a guest of japan for three months but sudarshan, who came one year before to tokyo institute of technology for masters study in electrical and electronic enginnering, is like habitant of japan. Fisrt sudarshan brought me to his university at o-okayama and we spent our whole day on odaiba city. I didn’t feel any tiredness walking around the city though we walked whole day around.
with sudarshan in my room at fujisawa
tokyo institute of technology, computer science building

statue of liberty at Odaiba

woman beah volleyball in Odaiba-Beach

In Odaiba Ranbow Bridge

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last Sunday’s Trip: Enoshima Island

Actually it was arif’s plan as to go to Enoshima island. Thanks my friend arif for your effort to identify such a nice island and beach close to our resident. Its just 10mins train travel from shonandai to enoshima beach and island. Wauuu..really small and pretty island I ever seen. This is my first experience walking around the island. The island is natural and piece having temples of budda’s and beautiful sceneries around the beach. We reached at the peak of island and captured several photos of beach and other peculiar food items specially sea foods. We spent our whole day walking around the island

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Flash Back: SIGCOMM-2007 & ocean13 Movie in TOHO Cinemas KYOTO-JAPAN

Yes, I returned back to my palace at ObaSobako Mae after one week conference (SIGCOMM-2007 data communication festival) from Kyoto. The one week stay at prince hotel and conference on ICC was really memorable as well as beneficial for me. I got a chance to talk with all presenters on this conference. I found that almost presenters were from MIT, California, Stanford, Cornel University, catholic university Canada, IIT Kanpur etc etc. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th day presentations were held inside big conference hall. 1st & 5th day presentations were held on F hall.
I am very much thankful to Keiko-san for such a nice opportunity to appear on this world’s top conference related to computer network. During this 5 days conference I met 3 Microsoft Researchers, FreeBSD Developer, CISCO managers and professors form different universities. By the way I became lucky that I got mail-id from almost all presenters. This is my big achievement and experience about to participate in such a conference and acquiring latest information about network/routing from IETF members, Microsoft researchers and professors. What I found that it is really incomparable about the learning technique of Nepal with other countries. Nepalese only learn theory but the most important thing is implementation. How OS can be developed, How routing software can be developed and what are the bugs on OSs and Routing, IPv6 networking and operation etc etc.. these are the major points what I learned in root level from this conference.

Thanks to Conference live broadcasting team (yoko-san, keiko-san, yukie-san, abazh-san, yoo-san, arif-san, dawadi-san, qoo-san…sorry I forgot other names) who worked full day to broadcast and upload videos online. All videos and pdfs of the presentations are available on Anybody can see this videos online by installing VLC on their machine.
Thanks to SIGCOMM vice chairman for providing us two SIGCOMM T-Shirts and Books.

ICC-Kyoto Primises

Sigcomm-2007 Presentation

Audience inside conference hall

funn with SIGCOMM Podium

with Live Broadcasting equipments

Ohh.. I forgot to write about ocean13 movie in TOHO cinemas hall Kyoto. Keiko-san provided us (me and arif) 4 tickets. Actually we can see any film on any hall of Kyoto city from these tickets. But when we got that tickets, we afraid about how to reach to hall. We hadn’t had sufficient knowledge about Kyoto city and traveling on train also. Anyway after getting nice instruction from keiko-san, we reached to TOHO Cinemas hall located near NIJO station. That hall had 7 screens. Different movies were running on 7 screens. Finally we conformed to see OCEAN13 on screen 5. The hall was quite small and nice furnished with fully equipped dolby digital sound system. Ha ha ha how peaceful during watching movie inside the hall. Nobody sounds except movie characters. I remembered, I had watched one hindi movie in jaynepal hall last time in Nepal (5 mnths ago sorry I forgot the name of that movie). When HERO came on the screen then people excited with big clapping. Ha ha ha..that is the difference.