Monday, January 22, 2007

"professor's questions during my project presentation"

sorry i am late to post this importance topic, its due to my busy...actually on 16th january 2007, our department(DOECE, IOE) set that day for our masters project presentation. externals of the presentation are:Prof. Dr. Sashidhar Ram JoshiMr. Jeeban Kumar Pant &Mr. Daya Sagar Baral
my project was entitled "NTLM HTTP Mechanism for Proxy Authentication & HTTP Log Mining". this project has two parts. fist part is related with Authenticating internet users thru proxy with NTLMSSP authentication technique and second part is analyzing the web server's log file and generate web report.
though i am not perfect in UNIX, i have little known so i tried to build project in linux. after the presentation completed i got the following question to me:
  1. what is the interrupt no. of SAMBA server?
  2. ur project is real time based impleting in CIT, what is the performance of the server i.e. do u know latency? u already studied in OS but forgot...
  3. tell me the performance measurement algoithm? do u know any algorithms? like round robin algorithm and etc etc....? (Disk-arm scheduling algorithms i thought)

  4. have u heard any unix based machine? (i answerd: i installed mac 0.9.1 to Apple computer, but that was not the answer re answer was: spark machine ma solaris os re)

    5. what is that logMiner_0.1.tar.gz? (i answered: that is package of c source code what i developed for log file analysis)

questions from baral sir

  1. why u use samba server? SAMBA is just a netwrok environment ko server hoina ra?
  2. can't you make unix machine as domain controller? why u used winnt domain users?

Questions from JKP sir

JKP sir focused on report and he commented about my report writing style (really appreciable, its a nice suggestion)

now i want to be clear that, actually i can't answer Q N. 1. i partially answered Q 2, 3 & 4 because i hadn't expected such questions.i found Baral Sir Questions as nice questions. and thank you JKP sir for the nice suggestions.

now i request to my all friends who knows UNIX that what is the answer of question No 1. I felt shy that i cant answer though i am system engineer of CIT, IOE Pulchowk. i will be really greateful if some give answer of that first question.
Thak you.