Thursday, April 12, 2007

Japanese Prof. Dr. M. Kubo & IOE prof. Dr. S.R. Joshi's Suggestions,

its time about 4:35 PM wednesday, 11th april 2007 at staff conference room of IOE computer department where we always take masters class. unexpectedly my prof. Dr. Joshi came up with japanese prof. Dr. Kubo. unfortunately i am little late in the class though profs. didnt start class yet. Dr. Kubo did Ph. D. from Sofia University japan and he established "Kubo Institute of Science & Technology" as far as i know from him. He did his Ph.D. in physics though he is interested in IT and computer science.

we students were late on this class. so our prof. Joshi so angried with us. i think its obvious. we have to respect our proffessors as he teach us for us and brought profesors from several countries to make a visit to us. i have never seen such more professors in IOE who is doing for Institute, students and country except Dr. Joshi. i am really glad. lets summarize what these two professors suggested us:

summary words: TIME,Philosophy,Laborious,Domain Knowledge,Morality,Entertainment,do 4 Country.

Dr. Kubo wrote that TIME=>CHANCE. he is about 65 yrs old though he is so energetic in knowledge sharing. Definitely we have to know the TIME. we have to play with TIME so we can grab the oppertunities. we have several oppertunities on our hand. both professors suggested that every body must be responsible in his DUTY. though except duty, of course he has time for family and entertainment that is also the most necessary part. he said "never sell your morality, its the most important, expand knowledge in everyfield as possible as you can, do entertainment at the time of entertainment, so its not bad having girl friend ha ha ha ...he laughed." i am so impressed by such a friendly professor that every body must be like that. some time he angried with us saying that "you late commer, i hate late commer, be in time, time is the important".

if IOE has several such professors, what will be the status of IOE?? its only imagination till now.

Last Monday, Prof. Joshi came up with Prof. Kubo in CIT, IOE. as i knew that Prof. Kubo want to promote IT industry in Nepal. it was a good oppertunity for me to show the IT infrastructure of IOE but unfortunately Internet link from NTC was down on that day having Optical Link problem from NTC. Dr. Kubo just tried to show about his profile and IT infrastructure of his institute. Sorry!!! Prof. Kubo as net was down on that day. any way i saw your profile on the next day from so impressing.

any way, its a nice interaction having such professors with us in the class.

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