Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Horoscope of this week!!!

i born in feb. 16. according to english date, i must be categorized in aquarius (jan 20 - feb 18). lets see what my this week's horroscope told:

"They mostly are technical wizards with unusual ideas and rule computers, airplanes and astrology. They have strong convictions and seek truth above all things. Aquarians are practical and idealistic people with philosophical and spiritual bent of mind. They often take to rudeness, resentment and the silence that may burst out suddenly in extreme temper"

Then todays forcast:
After a long period of helping the people you love, it is perfectly okay to want to put yourself first today! There's no need to feel guilty. Instead, plan out your day with your happiness as your only goal. Choose a nice variety of your favorite things, and toss in a little splurge here or there just for good measure. You've proved yourself to be a good friend and a good partner. Now it's time to give some of that goodness to yourself!

ha ha ha ... actually i don't believe in horoscope but sometime its interesting and matched with real life activities.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Added Concept of WIKI!!

definitely we heard the words wikipedia,wikimapia,nupedia etc etc..but what actually wiki is?? lets define what it is (taken from wikipedia site itself)

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an online free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has described Wikipedia as "an effort to create and distribute a multilingual free encyclopedia of the highest quality to every single person on the planet in their own language." Wikipedia exists to bring knowledge to everyone who seeks it.

Who owns Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is managed by a nonprofit parent organization, The Wikimedia Foundation, which also manages the operation of Wikipedia's sister projects, including Wiktionary (a wiki dictionary), Wikibooks (textbooks), and others, and owns all of their domain names. Previously, the site was hosted on the servers of Bomis, Inc., a company mostly owned by Jimmy Wales. With the announcement of the Wikimedia Foundation on June 20, 2003, the ownership of all domain names was transferred to the Foundation. The site is run by the community of Wikipedians guided by the principles articulated by Jimmy Wales, including, for example, an adherence to a neutral point of view. The articles hosted on this site are released by their authors under the GNU Free Documentation License (or a free license), so the articles are free content and may be reproduced freely under the same license. See Wikipedia:Copyrights and Wikipedia:Readers' FAQ for information on how you can use Wikipedia content.

Who is responsible for the articles on Wikipedia?

You are! Actually, you can even edit this very FAQ, so long as the edits are helpful. This is a collaborative effort. Thousands of people have contributed information to different parts of this project, and anyone can do so, including you. All you need is to know how to edit a page, and have some encyclopedic knowledge you want to share. The encyclopedia provides users with a certain amount of freedom.
You can learn who is responsible for the most recent versions of any given page by clicking on the "Page history" link. Nevertheless, if you spot an error in the latest revision of an article, you are highly encouraged to be bold and correct it. This practice is one of the basic review mechanisms that maintains the reliability of the encyclopedia. As a result, Wikipedia has become one of the most extensive information libraries available on the Internet. If you are uncertain or find the wording confusing, quote the material on the associated talk page and leave a question for the next person. This helps eliminate errors, inaccuracies, or misleading wording more quickly and is highly appreciated by the community.

what is wikimapia?

WikiMapia is an online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Maps with a wiki system, allowing users to add information (in the form of a note) to any location on Earth.
Created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, the project was launched on May 24, 2006 and is aiming towards "describing the whole planet Earth". WikiMapia is unrelated to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, but the website states that it was "inspired by Wikipedia."

WikiMapia allows contributors to add a "Hotspot" to any map by marking out a rectangle (with the maximum length of any one side being 20 kilometers) which is wiki-linked to a note providing information about the locality. The note may be in any of 60 languages currently supported, and may be modified by any contributor, as in a wiki. The link is activated by clicking within the rectangular "Hotspot".


By August 16, 2006, one million localities had been identified. . The counter passed two million on November 22, 2006 and 3 million on March 8, 2007. A project has begun to translate the user interface of WikiMapia into 64 languages other than the current English interface.
Especially in some areas of the world with out-of-date or very expensive mapping, such as India, growth has been phenomenally rapid. However, this rapid growth has brought problems of its own with urban areas being covered with thousands of overlapping rectangles marking the position of private residences, but with no facility available in the WikiMapia interface to display places of public interest (as opposed to those of very restricted interest such as private houses, flats and apartments).
In the initial implementation, WikiMapia had no registered users and no administrative hierarchy. All users edited anonymously and there was no mechanism for monitoring or disciplining problematic users.
A user registration system started to be introduced on 8 October 2006. Users who have been registered for three days or more are granted some administrative powers, including the power to move, resize, delete, or protect objects. "Points" are granted to active users for adding, reviewing, and correcting places; as points accumulate, a user is allegedly granted additional powers. Active users of Wikipedia, and users in contact with Wikimapia before October 5, 2006, are exempt from the three-day waiting period.
Another feature of WikiMapia (that has now been scrapped), was the sight "car" which zooms in and out over smaller and larger areas. It was used for exploring both maps and satellite photographs. There are now small `cross hairs' like a telescopic rifle sight at the centre of the page instead.
On 23 March 2007 the ability to outline an irregular polygon in green (in addition to the original rectangle of variable size) was introduced in Wikimapia.

now, i hope everybody must know about wiki. so here i want to add another wiki that is related to academician (trainer,lecturer,professor).
i am studying masters in information and communication engineering. i am also a lecturer upto BE label. lets think, when a lecturer in blackboard teaching you about computer network...
how OSI model works? how TCP/IP slidding window protocal works? how packets are transformed from source to destination? etc etc...
your teacher just write notes in blackboard and explain it but practically he doesn't know how it works??
similarly, in telecom network, how voice data transfer, call established, call accepted/rejected etc etc..
lecturer of data structure & algorithm can teach about how link list works? how to find shortest path using dijkstra's algorithm? etc etc..
lecturer of semiconductor devices can teach how JFET/MOSFET works etc etc...

in this way only giving theoritical knowledge about practical subject is not practical. so almost engineers of nepal are useless.
do you know how can a CD be read/written?? you can answer. but can't explain practically and practical explanation is also not possible.

so here i add a concept of "wikisimulia". i.e. same like wikipedia and wikimapia. wikisimulia can explain/answer practically all about the above questions. what i hope is, a teacher in a class with laptop and having wireless internet facilities and while teaching if he need to teach practically, he can go to and can show the demo of current lecture to his students on the spot.

so wikisimulia is an encyclopedia of any type of simulation of any subject where any public(expert, programmer) add his simulation to this page and any public can access and see the practical implementation through simulation.

so lets design and standardise the concept. simple concept is just develop simulation using java applet and upload to this site. this is my idea but there are several other techniques.

do you guys anybody have idea/concept about it??
any way thank you for reading this article. and the site is an imagination and hope will be developed in future...

[there is also a site which gives theoritical concept with picture (]

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Scenario, Marriage with Nepalese tradition(13 May 2007).

Yesterday, i just attended one marriage ceremony of my relatives(MaMa ko chhori). i saw the environment, realized the environment and activities of marriage. actually my father giving me pressure these days for marriage to me but i just denied and not talking with him also about mariage.
so adult people from village, old and experienced mind, traditional habit, full of cultural and social activities. i saw some marriage processes where i found how marriage would be done in nepalese tradition. its just a typical nepali tradition. actually my habit is just opposite from some nepali tradition. i don't know this is due to my proudness or i become advanced or i am out of track or cultural & technological gap with them. i want to save the nepali cluture but want to improve so as to bridge with the new world.
my father little angried with me that i denied his request. i just reached near a gang of my parents label where is te gang of peeople over 60 years old and all having educational status below Intermediate and from village. what they talking....."we have to save the culture and society..we have to continue this marriage style until we matter our new generation will follow the culture or not after our death but it must be until we alive. Almost people who live in cities and educated are having bad cultural habit and they just follow the international style..its not good etc etc...." i just realized and analyzed. i am also in new generation and lit. bit educated. so i felt that they are talking indirectly to me. i knew, we have to save the culture and nepalese tradition but what i want is we have to refine the culture with time for the development process otherwise nepal will remain on this stage(stone age) for the next 1000 years where as other countries......still people remained on this stage and they dont want to improve themselves then how the country and people of this country will develop yar..though for living every creature, culture and society is the most important part. we can't live without our culture and society. our main moto is to improve the culture and social activities and develop the country. but what can i do???????
conclusion is: "try to refine the cultural, social & make technological gap short between old generation and new generation."
recently i returned back to my office for meeting. after that meeting, i came to hostel and took some photos of myself and friends in hostel. the following are the some snapshots...

in M.Sc. Hostel Room with PC
in M.Sc. Hostel Room with PC
Reading News paper in hostel

in M.Sc. Hostel Room with PC
in M.Sc. hostel room
in M.Sc. hostel room
in M.Sc. hostel room with PC
My M.Sc. hostel room