Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Horoscope of this week!!!

i born in feb. 16. according to english date, i must be categorized in aquarius (jan 20 - feb 18). lets see what my this week's horroscope told:

"They mostly are technical wizards with unusual ideas and rule computers, airplanes and astrology. They have strong convictions and seek truth above all things. Aquarians are practical and idealistic people with philosophical and spiritual bent of mind. They often take to rudeness, resentment and the silence that may burst out suddenly in extreme temper"

Then todays forcast:
After a long period of helping the people you love, it is perfectly okay to want to put yourself first today! There's no need to feel guilty. Instead, plan out your day with your happiness as your only goal. Choose a nice variety of your favorite things, and toss in a little splurge here or there just for good measure. You've proved yourself to be a good friend and a good partner. Now it's time to give some of that goodness to yourself!

ha ha ha ... actually i don't believe in horoscope but sometime its interesting and matched with real life activities.

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  1. babu ram ji.. tapain ko forecast ko ra horoscope ko comment dina lageko haina.. malai ta teti derai chalauna aaena.. tara tapai samacha miss gareko kura puryauna matra maile lekheko ho.. tapain naaune ho aba.. kati basne yar japan ma..please come soon we missed you alot.