Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My first trip to abroad: challenges & opportunities:

After 5 days of reaching to Japan I have now time to write my trip. My flight to Japan was July 24 1350 from Thai airways. I was so curious and thinking about how to reach to the destination. My parents were more worried about me and my trip because I was little weak at that time. This was my first trip to abroad so I got several confusion even on the Tribhuvan Airport but everything went smoothly. I was having little headache problem while on the plane. Thai airways international, but unfortunately I got a seat near cockpit. So couldn’t have site seen. Though the trip inside plane was so nice, I easily spent 5hrs in Thai transit because suvarnabhumi airport is so nice and well managed. I dropped at narita airport, Tokyo on 25th July 7:30Am. Everything is written in Japanese letter around. How reach is the Japanese language. Can’t understand the language at all. But I have the manual about to reach YCAT (Yokohama City Air terminal) by limousine bus. Thanks Ms. Soko Mikawa, for waiting me on YCAT. I am with Mr. Arif from Indonesia got into the soko’s car and directed to Keio University. I did several site seen from soko’car before reaching to university. I was so surprised by seeing the environment and technology of Japan. Everything through machine. Nobody walk around the road. Even no bike, cycle on the road. Only high speed car running around.
When I reached into the lab so called “Murai lab”, I am so surprised by seeing the lab that the lab is well furnished, every people (researchers) in the lab are so friendly and laborious. Actually the building is equipped with campus network, ai3 network and SOI network.

Abash-san is my supervisor. When I met him, I never expected that he is such a nice and friendly guy. I became so happy with him. He is so helpful. Recently abazh instructed us for coming IPV6 operation workshop. We have to help him on this workshop. I am little worried about it as that how can I help him on this one day workshop. Any way abazh, me and Mr. Arif spent 12 hours in lab on Sunday and Monday to make the workshop successful.

Finally today, July 31st, we successfully conducted the workshop. Operators from ITB and UNHAS successfully trained for IPV6 only operation. Tomorrow, we have five members to be trained for ipv6 operation. Monitoring operator’s activities from SFC is really exciting. Its really good opportunity for me having with such brilliant guys (Husni,abazh,Kotaro,Funya,haruhito…..) and I am really learning new things and hope this research time will be fruitful to me and will be my strong asset to upgreade our Tu network into IPv6 network.