Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fedora Server and FreeBSD Router Installation and Configuration for IPv6 Operation Completed

Abazh-San, thanks much for being my supervisor and assigning for FreeBSD Router and SOI Server installation to test for IPv6 only Operation.

Actually I installed FreeBSD and SOI server before two times while i was in TU. At that time i just followed the documents during installation. This is my third Installation but I have to do extra work than before i.e. migrate to IPv6 only operation. I need more extra study about IPv6 operations and address assignment. Probably I want to do my thesis over the implementation of Ipv6 and its operation in Nepal. Though I don’t have enough knowledge on Ipv6, I successfully completed installing Router and Server.

The basic packages necessary to operate with IPv6 in system are: NAT-PT enabled router, TOTD (Trick & Treat Daemon) which is a DNS proxy works only in ipv6 environment. Actually TOTD add an IPv6 prefix over IPv4 address. The IPv6 prefix is already fixed in /etc/totd.conf file. Other basic packages are routing packages (zebra, xorp). This is the workshop period in SFC-Japan. I and Arif are just supporting our supervisor on this workshop. This workshop is very helpful for me because I know how to convert IPv4 address to fake IPv6 address. Actually TOTD gives a fake IPv6 address of a client in the network. I also knew about how to handle Virtual Machine. This is an IPv6 environment, I am eating IPv6, but I want to eat more and more IPv6.

Let’s remember about yesterday’s surprise quiz:
Yesterday, Abazh-san unexpectedly took a surprise test to us. He gave us a set of questions to answer and we had to finish that in 30 minutes. There were 38 questions which covered all about our SOI network and system related. Out of 38 questions, I answered 30 questions properly. But after reviewing, I found that I did one silly mistake that was question about IPv4 Address Range. Especially the question focused about usable hosts range but I only cared about range of IP, so I chose range which has broadcast address also…..a silly mistake.

There was another set of questions which was a self assessment. I had to judge myself in network, system, unicast/musticast routing, Applications and UDL operations. Actually its difficult to judge by ownself. I found myself weak in Network/Routing and UDL Operation after my self test. So wake up baburd, study more on network and routing with IPv6…best of luck! Ha ha ha…

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