Sunday, August 05, 2007

I never forget that day when we were in Akihabara.

Yesterday, first holiday of the week in Japan so called Saturday. Abazh-san, Dedy-san, Arif-san and me reached YOKOHAMA terminal first around 1 PM. We were just directed to the famous electronic city of Tokyo Japan called Akihabara. Every body has plan as what to buy after reaching Akihabara. Actually we all are foreigner. Abazh, Arif and Dedy are from Indonesia and me from Nepal. Of course we all are not familiar with different places of Japan, even not familiar with Akihabara. We reached to the destination around 2 PM by passing several terminals in train. I would loss if I will be alone only inside the train terminal. How big are the terminals, faced in all fourth directions, can’t predict which direction to go? Dedy has a printed map of the city downloaded from Google.

Though we had map, its really difficult to identify the shops. Unfortunately every one had to purchase their items from different shop. Akihabara is a big city with huge buildings and show rooms of every electronic goods. We walked around the city more and more to find the places. It was a good chance to me to have site scene over there means I got advantage due to our unfamiliarity with that area.Ohhhh..i can’t imagine, what a big city with huge buildings and billions of items like laptop, Ipod, digital camera, PCs etc…after rounding about three hours we found out the camera shop what I had to purchase. I already set my mind to buy a camera with model no S6000FD of FujiFilm company. After having long queue finally I got succeed to buy my camera. It costs about Thirty-Seven thousands including a 1GB Memory chip.

My Camera
We walked around several shops of laptop. Dedy had to buy a laptop. He had model number with him but it was difficult to find out the shop having that model number. I became surprised by seeing store of laptops and cameras. It is billion in quantity.

No matter you can choose a laptop from billions of laptop. Then, don’t worry we can assign address to each items in Akihabara by IPv6 Addressing ha ha.

Abazh worried about his model number (Camera) about how to get that. It was already 7 PM during the search. Finally, Dedy and Abazh were not successful to purchase their items. What we concluded at last: input were lots of time, travel and money but output was only one camera ha ha.. how lucky I am. Fortunately that was the last piece on that shop which I got luckily.

We returned back Shonandai around 9:30 PM and took dinner together then directed to every body’s resident.

I assembled my camera on that night. It’s a so nice camera for me. I liked it. Though I am not the perfect camera man, when I hold my camera then I look like a professional camera man ha ha ha. Lets see some snapshots of my room captured by my camera:

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