Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trip to KYOTO-CITY by SHINKANSEN and SIGCOMM-2007 Data Festival in ICC Hall Kyoto

After around two weeks, I am coming back to my blog. Actually I was busy for presentation and practical analysis of OSPF routing in IPV6. fortunately after having presentation on Thursday, I heard that keiko-san was going to bring us to Kyoto city for SIGCOMM-2007 conference. SIGCOMM is the big conference in the world related to data communication and computer networks. It’s a great opportunity for a person who get a chance to present their paper in SIGCOMM.
Finally our trip was set. We had to come to Kyoto by SHINKANSEN, the world’s highest speed bullet train. Actually it was my great opportunity having trip with shinkansen as well as participation on SIGCOMM conference.
We two (Arif and me) had to come to Kyoto by bullet train. We were somehow afraid about whether we loss inside the transit, what could we do?? By the way, its was so easy to reach to the Kyoto city. Bullet train (NOZOMI-SHINKANSEN)!!! 300Km/hr, Wowww I cant imagine how Japanese build such a system/technology. Any way, our trip by bullet train was really memorable. Here is some snap what captured by my camera.
The hotel room was already reserved by funya-san for us. Grand-Prince Hotel, located just in front of the International Conference Hall is one of the highest standard hotels in Kyoto. I became little surprised by seeing the hotel room furnishing and its electronic toilet ha ha..any way we can live on this hotel for 5 days. Can you imagine the price of double bed room per day on this hotel?? Its 20000 yen/24hrs just for living, no any more dinner/breakfast. Lets see the picture of electronic toilet and other snapshots inside the hotel room. Sorry I cant explain the function of this machine, must be kept secret… ha ha ha

with SIGCOMM T-Shirt

Hotel Room

Hotel Premises
Lets come to the conference part. Conference started from 27th august. I am assigned to collect copyright agreement, control the UDL network to SFC and make summary report of the each presenter. I hadn’t had previous knowledge about how to make summary report of the presentation. Another thing, the papers presenting are sometime difficult to understand and also I have to catch up the speaker’s pace. Behind this, I am getting entertainment having inside the big conference hall and getting photos of this conference hall. I completed my 1st days responsibilities successfully. Thanks much keiko-san for providing such opportunity and I also got a T-shirt of SIGCOMM ha ha..

ICC Kyoto

Inside Big-Conference Hall

Shinkansen Gate

Inside Shinkansen

Site seen from Shinkansen

Machine Controlled toilet in Grand prince hotel

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