Friday, August 03, 2007

New Experience: Just knew after eating Japanese Items

Today, i reached to Keio University on 9 Am. As before, we had to complete IPv6 Only Operation Workshop. Today, we had one operator from TU, Two from BUET, Bangladesh and Two from CHULA Thailand. Unfortunately CHULA guys were absent due to their own problem. Though we had 3 operators to be controlled, today’s workshop was out of expectation. Operators took more time on migrating servers in VM Ware Environment. So the workshop just finished on 7 PM. I am so tired now. Me with Mr. Arif left Keio around 7:45 and just dropped on a big supermarket but I don’t know the name of that supermarket yet. It’s a big supermarket I have never ever seen.
I tried to find out some items for dinner, specially curry items. I am not in mood to cook today due to tiredness. Suddenly I saw a surprised item. I couldn’t predict that whether it was fish or snake. It was an already fried item. I queried with Arif, but he also got confused, I just saw the price. Its written 398 yen on the rack but we couldn’t know what was written on its tag.

I decided to purchase that item. Actually it was long and look like snake. But surprised, when I reached into billing counter and processed to bye, by the way it was so expensive (1380 yen) but 30 % discounted. Then I got more suspected that it might be snake. We came to our palace, open up that item and analyzed, yes goooddddd it was fish, but I still don’t know which category of that fish. so delicious and with high diet. Though it is a small one I couldn’t eat all, so placed inside freeze for tomorrow.

Lets little talk about workshop with VM Ware Environment. On the workshop my job is just to handle RPT for power point synchronization during husni’s presentation and handle two operator’s activities during practical work. The fectoral machine is a thin one with 2GB RAM and latest specification. It has multiple interfaces, so on that machine we can run several VMs. One Fectoral machine is configured for 4 operators. Each operator can operate his RR, SOI Server and WinXP Client. So there are 12 VMs currently running on that machine. Its really interesting to monitor operator’s activity on VMs. We can watch every operator’s activity step by step on the VM Console. So it is easy to find out that which operator is doing well and which one is doing mistakes.

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