Saturday, September 22, 2007

Modern City of Japan: Odaiba

Yesterday, I discussed with my friend sudarshan about our plan for tour to somewhere else around tokyo. So i invited him to my room yerterday evening. This morning we planned to move to Odaiba city. While I was in nepal, I heard that, there is a big city in Japan which is built just after dumping the garbase on the sea. Now I knew that the city established over the dumping site is Odaiba. Its another city of out of imagination for me. The city infrastructures, management and from every aspects, odaiba is nice city what I found. I am just a guest of japan for three months but sudarshan, who came one year before to tokyo institute of technology for masters study in electrical and electronic enginnering, is like habitant of japan. Fisrt sudarshan brought me to his university at o-okayama and we spent our whole day on odaiba city. I didn’t feel any tiredness walking around the city though we walked whole day around.
with sudarshan in my room at fujisawa
tokyo institute of technology, computer science building

statue of liberty at Odaiba

woman beah volleyball in Odaiba-Beach

In Odaiba Ranbow Bridge

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last Sunday’s Trip: Enoshima Island

Actually it was arif’s plan as to go to Enoshima island. Thanks my friend arif for your effort to identify such a nice island and beach close to our resident. Its just 10mins train travel from shonandai to enoshima beach and island. Wauuu..really small and pretty island I ever seen. This is my first experience walking around the island. The island is natural and piece having temples of budda’s and beautiful sceneries around the beach. We reached at the peak of island and captured several photos of beach and other peculiar food items specially sea foods. We spent our whole day walking around the island

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Flash Back: SIGCOMM-2007 & ocean13 Movie in TOHO Cinemas KYOTO-JAPAN

Yes, I returned back to my palace at ObaSobako Mae after one week conference (SIGCOMM-2007 data communication festival) from Kyoto. The one week stay at prince hotel and conference on ICC was really memorable as well as beneficial for me. I got a chance to talk with all presenters on this conference. I found that almost presenters were from MIT, California, Stanford, Cornel University, catholic university Canada, IIT Kanpur etc etc. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th day presentations were held inside big conference hall. 1st & 5th day presentations were held on F hall.
I am very much thankful to Keiko-san for such a nice opportunity to appear on this world’s top conference related to computer network. During this 5 days conference I met 3 Microsoft Researchers, FreeBSD Developer, CISCO managers and professors form different universities. By the way I became lucky that I got mail-id from almost all presenters. This is my big achievement and experience about to participate in such a conference and acquiring latest information about network/routing from IETF members, Microsoft researchers and professors. What I found that it is really incomparable about the learning technique of Nepal with other countries. Nepalese only learn theory but the most important thing is implementation. How OS can be developed, How routing software can be developed and what are the bugs on OSs and Routing, IPv6 networking and operation etc etc.. these are the major points what I learned in root level from this conference.

Thanks to Conference live broadcasting team (yoko-san, keiko-san, yukie-san, abazh-san, yoo-san, arif-san, dawadi-san, qoo-san…sorry I forgot other names) who worked full day to broadcast and upload videos online. All videos and pdfs of the presentations are available on Anybody can see this videos online by installing VLC on their machine.
Thanks to SIGCOMM vice chairman for providing us two SIGCOMM T-Shirts and Books.

ICC-Kyoto Primises

Sigcomm-2007 Presentation

Audience inside conference hall

funn with SIGCOMM Podium

with Live Broadcasting equipments

Ohh.. I forgot to write about ocean13 movie in TOHO cinemas hall Kyoto. Keiko-san provided us (me and arif) 4 tickets. Actually we can see any film on any hall of Kyoto city from these tickets. But when we got that tickets, we afraid about how to reach to hall. We hadn’t had sufficient knowledge about Kyoto city and traveling on train also. Anyway after getting nice instruction from keiko-san, we reached to TOHO Cinemas hall located near NIJO station. That hall had 7 screens. Different movies were running on 7 screens. Finally we conformed to see OCEAN13 on screen 5. The hall was quite small and nice furnished with fully equipped dolby digital sound system. Ha ha ha how peaceful during watching movie inside the hall. Nobody sounds except movie characters. I remembered, I had watched one hindi movie in jaynepal hall last time in Nepal (5 mnths ago sorry I forgot the name of that movie). When HERO came on the screen then people excited with big clapping. Ha ha ha..that is the difference.