Saturday, September 22, 2007

Modern City of Japan: Odaiba

Yesterday, I discussed with my friend sudarshan about our plan for tour to somewhere else around tokyo. So i invited him to my room yerterday evening. This morning we planned to move to Odaiba city. While I was in nepal, I heard that, there is a big city in Japan which is built just after dumping the garbase on the sea. Now I knew that the city established over the dumping site is Odaiba. Its another city of out of imagination for me. The city infrastructures, management and from every aspects, odaiba is nice city what I found. I am just a guest of japan for three months but sudarshan, who came one year before to tokyo institute of technology for masters study in electrical and electronic enginnering, is like habitant of japan. Fisrt sudarshan brought me to his university at o-okayama and we spent our whole day on odaiba city. I didn’t feel any tiredness walking around the city though we walked whole day around.
with sudarshan in my room at fujisawa
tokyo institute of technology, computer science building

statue of liberty at Odaiba

woman beah volleyball in Odaiba-Beach

In Odaiba Ranbow Bridge

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