Thursday, October 25, 2007

Asian Night: one more beautiful party with special foods

20th October 2007, almost at the end of my internship period in SFC. This night is really more interesting for me. Thai foods, Myanmar foods, Nepalese Foods, Indonesian Foods, Japanese Foods and American Foods..wauuuu what a great combinations. The main objective of Asian Night is a food party in which everybody has to prepare their own food on the spot. This food party is specially dedicated for interns who have to make food of their own country.

We were four interns at that time. Ni from Thailand, chaw from Myanmar, Arif from Indonesia and Me (Dawadi) from Nepal with SFC staffs and professors. We made our own country foods. Previously I was wonder about how to make Nepalese food. Actually I didn’t know the special Nepalese food but I had some Nepalese recipe (Nepalese rice, meat masala, curry masala, and daal). I declared to make Nepalese rice, chicken curry potato salad (aalu ko achar) and almond bara. I was not perfect about cooking though I have more than 3 years cooking experience but I don’t have any experience to make special Nepalese food. Any way I prepared food by Nepalese style. I tested all foods of Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, American and Japanese. I liked foods from each country. This is a kind of good experience about sharing culture related with food by different countries. It was almost 10PM night. We returned back Leo-palace by car with Haruhito-san. Let us see some snapshots of different country’s food:
Nepalese Rice and Checken Fry

Busy in Cooking and preparing

Preparing Chicken for cooking ha haha

All Country Foods

Testing different country foods

My important moment: I got certificate of my three months internship periods. Prof. Dr. Keiko Okawa and Prof. Dr. Jun Murai provided me that certificate with blessing. Thank you very much Profesors. I will do my best towards your dreams.
Myanmar Food

Thai Food: Tom Yam kung

Indonesian Food

American Food


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