Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the end of my internship period: Final Presentation in SFC

Ohhh..i am in the last stage of my three months internship period in SFC. No more time it takes to pass the time. I completed my three months learning in Murai-LAB, Japan. Our final presentation was set on Thursday 1PM sharp. On this week I was almost in hurry to prepare my final presentation. Almost time, I thought about how to summarize my three months study within 20 Minutes. Just the day before we visited KDDI NOC (Network Operation Center) where the professor at university of Tokyo demonstrated us security center of Japan, NTT network and WIDE Network. We first visited university of Tokyo and after meeting professor kato, he started demonstrating the network operation of Tokyo University. I am really impressed by such a great professor about his knowledge to operate network as well as his nice demonstrating style.

I had never ever imagined that how the security system could be implemented. By this visit, I realized that it’s a great job and great way to control and secure the data. You may have three layers of security to reach to the gear. I don’t want explain any more about this because it’s a secret about security implemented by Japanese. It’s not under my rights to explain this.

I come to my final presentation now. On Wednesday evening, my supervisor advised me to reduce to slides drastically and made me to explain just about my additional task. I started summarizing my slides of my additional task only. It was being very hard for me to reduce the slides..because I have to reduce it from 93 to 25 only. Any way I reduced all the make the complete slides which included my experiences also. It was about 46 slides to be completed on 20 minutes..might be impossible but I just tried to show slides fast. On this final day of my learning, professor keiko-san, supervirors, funya-san, sayaka-san were my audiences. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my professors, supervisors, supporters and all SFC members/staffs. Without your support, nothing was possible. Bbut my time in Japan was really memorable, beautiful and invaluable.
Final Presentation from my Laptop

My presentation Slides

Group photo: fom left abazh, sayaka,chaw, babu, prof. Keiko, Arif & Ni

Group Photo at the end of presentation

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