Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nagatsuta cooking & Kamakura Tour

This week, I entertained more. Cause last Sunday, I went to nagatsuta, sudarshan’s apartment where we traveled whole day around big supermarket. These days I become the nice cook ha ha. I cooked even in sudarshan’s room.
my dinner sausage

cooking in sudarshan's room

sudarshan just helped me in cooking ha ha

Today’s tour to Kamakura is another interesting part for me. We, four interns of SFC planned already to go to kamakura, the city equipped with lots of temples and historical places. We all are from different countries. Ni (Thailand), Chaw (Mynmar), Arif (Indonesia) and Dawadi (Nepal) ha ha ha..we enjoyed travelling around the kamakura city and beach. We visited big statue of BUDDHA. I knew, Nepal is the birth place of lord Buddha but Buddha is famous in japan. There were numerous people going towards Buddha and eager to take photos. I also took some snapshots of Buddha. It seems that kamakura city is like bhaktapur city of Nepal. This city has several temples.

kamakura..sample photo

big lord buddha in Kamakura

small, newly established buddha in kamakura ha ha ha

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