Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Problem with my laptop in my vmware-week

Full of entertainment as well as full of trouble for me around this week. Last Sunday, we four interns were in akihabara. The traffic is almost closed inside akihabara on sunday and people come across the road for fun. We saw several fun programs and models (ha ha ha) advertising live on the road about company’s products. I spent almost 35 thousands yen on that day in akihabara by which I bought watch, USB HDD and next Digital Camera. Though I already have camera, I purchased the 2nd one as due to its cheapness.

On that night, I did some nuty things with my laptop. I inserted my new USB HDD, created the disk and also I deleted the old hidden disk which contained some boot information and backup of my laptop. Fortunately, I backed up my all contents to USB HDD before restarting my laptop. So no problem at all. When I restarted my note, could not load OS from the BIOS. Uffff…. “OS not found any key to reboot”. It was around 12:30AM night. So disconnected from net..what could I do? I could not repair at all on that night. My XP CD was alo not with me..coz it had alerady been taken by sudarshan at tokyo. I called sudarshan soon and planned to go to his dormitory early morning. Badluck, sudarshan couldnot find that CD in his room..suspected to be left on college. After having lunch from sudarshan’s room, we went to his campus for CD. Thanks god, I got the CD and started upgrading my laptop. The CD upgraded my laptop successfully but couldnot write boot information again. So same problem repeated. Then I just format all and reinstalled the XP. After fresh installation, no drivers of audio, video, network…..ufff..i had to go to LAB to make my note up. So I directly came to LAB and installed all drivers. Then got back to leo-palace by catching last bus from KEIO. Still I didn’t had office installed in my note. On the next day, I got office 2007 backp copy from chaw’s note.

XP installation process in my note in tokyo college

Installation Progress snapshots

Since two weeks before I have been working with VMware server installation and configuration. I had to prepare presentatin of my Vmware but all VMs from my note gone due to reformat. Extra burden……I just reinstalled everything and started analyzing my VMs again ha ha.

This week is my vmware week. i installed three FreeBSD in three VMs and tested with different network connection. VMware is really interesting. It’s a real OS emulation. Everything can be done with VM like what we can do with real machine. VMware DISK image creating (VMDK file), changing configuration on .VMX file and testing etc…

Yesterday I faced one trouble with test in my VMs. Then command “vmware-cmd” has several functionalites. We can control almost everythings from command line using vmware-cmd command like registering/unregistering VMs, starting/stopping/suspending/resetting VMs, changing the network configuratin and other configuratin parameters by setconfig command options etc..

I tried to change the network topology and make two routers conned to same network. When I ran the command:

#Vmware-cmd c:\virtual machines\BSD3\FreeBSD.vmx setconfig Ethernet1.vnet VMnet3

Setconfig (Ethernet1.vnet VMnet3)=1

It seems that it changed the network to VMnet3

#Vmware-cmd c:\virtual machines\BSD3\FreeBSD.vmx getconfig Ethernet1.vnet

Ethernet1.vnet = Vmnet3

But can’t ping to another PC, that means though the network changed, but didn’t show the effect of change. I roamed 3 /4 hrs on this problem. The solution is simple…I have to disconnect and reconnect the ethernet device to see an effect.

The following video is a sample road side music played by foreigner in Akihabara city japan during their leisure time.

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