Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hindu’s Live function: one week ceremony (SAPTAHA) in Vanasthali Ekaltar

its about one and half week I returned back from Japan but due to office work load I were so hanged up. By the way, near in my home at vanasthali, a new temple has been established and people of that zone are conducting one week special ceremony so called “Hindu Maha Yegya”. I spent my half day on that ceremony and captured several photos of that special function. This program is specially dedicated to hindus where peoples gather there and listen speech by pandit (who described all about puran). We know the book of muslim is Kuran, Buddha is Tripitak and cristian is Byble. Specially elder people above 50 years old and married women like listening this program. I felt very interesting by today’s program as its musical and so exciting. Though I am hindu, I don’t like such kind of program, in the sense that it’s a kind of superstition. The pandit try to spread out things written inside puran but I felt almost all written inside this book is superstition but today from his lecture I found some scientific reason also and I felt that its 1800 years old book (puran) which describeed logical and technological things as well. Lets see some snapshots of this ceremony.

Newly Established Temple at Ekaltar Vanasthali, KTM

Gatherings on the function and listening prabachan

nominated persons who donated Rs 10,000 for the temple

excellent pandit (guru) who spreads puran to all

GOD inside temple (mahadev)