Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Memory: From My Japan Diary

When I got back from Japan on 22 October, I became too much busy in writing my thesis. I found that research is really tough. I already planned to complete my thesis until April. But my supervisor is really an inspiring person for me. Thanks to Purushottam sir, my office director for your encouragement to complete my thesis. Due to that I successfully defended my midterm. I am waiting for my Final defense. I am still in struggle to finalize my thesis. During this time, I felt I have to write something about my remembrance on my blog.
During my three months stay in Japan, I had gained a lot of experience about the technology, culture, education etc... I felt something differences with me after returning back from Japan. First difference is my picture. Here I just compared my own picture just after arrival in Japan and just before departure from Japan.


These two picture clearly told that I became more thinner (but I felt, I became stronger and no more change in weight...as it is but these pictures were taken from different camera).
During my stay, I had continued writing my diary. At my final presentation, I also committed that I would complete my Japan Diary and will send one copy to SFC room. But due to my thesis and other official works, I am still unable to complete my diary yet. Though, I want to copy some memorable notes from my diary on my blog.
From the Abstract……..Study is the main part of my stay in Japan; in addition to this I had some fun with Japanese peoples and cultures which is a necessary part for a foreigner. And I also became lucky that I got chance to be in Kyoto city which is the beautiful ancient city of Japan with world’s big conference named SIGCOMM2007 and Mozilla 24hr Event in Tokyo……………………..

July 25 Wednesday to 29 Saturday (first week)
It was my first time going to abroad. As Nepal is a developing country, I don’t have much more idea to be familiar with machine. I heard that Japan is a well developed country. I am one of the poor family members of Nepal. So I become little afraid that how could I handle freeze, washing machine, microwave oven etc…
……….I dropped on Narita airport around 7:30PM JST, after having custom check, I caught limousine bus to Yokohama terminal where I met funya-san and after thirty minutes we welcomed Mr. Raden Arif from Indonesia. We directly came to campus. i was really excited with the campus environment, its furnishing and lab setup……

July 30 to august 4 (2nd week)
We had to conduct one day IPv6 only workshop for forty-three participants between July 31st to October 16. Abazh guided us to handle the workshop properly. Handling the Virtual Machine and during the workshop was quite interesting like watching user’s activities and suggested during mistakes……
……On the Saturday, we went to Akihabara to purchase camera and laptop. Me, Abazh, Arif and another Indonesian friend, Dedy went to Akihabara. First I really surprised by seeing the big train terminal. We reached Akihabara changing train on Yokohama and Shinagawa. Ohhh another big city, full of electronic gadgets. We all were foreigner, so sometimes we lost inside Akihabara and finally we got the shop for my camera. I had already set my mind to purchase Finepix S6000 FD model by FujiFilm Company……

August 5 to august 18 (3rd & 4th week)
On these two weeks, I just tried to learn Japanese language myself. But I felt that the katakana as well as hiragana scripts are not so complex but kanji symbols were found to be complex to understand…… I had travelers check of American express. I hadn’t known about how to change that check. I tried to get idea about it by funya and kotaro. They suggested me to goto banks around Shonandai. But it would be difficult for me to find bank on shonandai………
..Some days before while we were in Shonandai where we went there just for shopping, I saw an office named Softbank. I just thought in mind that “ohhh this is the bank which might change my money”. On the following day, SFC was closed due to special occasion. I grabbed that office time and went to Shonandai by myself, entered into that office and requested for money exchange by showing the travelers check. Ha ha ha.they laughed and just got surprised. Suddenly one officer (she was a gal) typed something in her computer and wrote a sentence in a paper that “it is not a bank here”. Might be she just translated her Japanese language into English and wrote to me. Ohhhh..i laughed then..ha ha……

August 26 to September 1 (6th week)
We two (Arif and me) had to come to Kyoto by bullet train on Sunday, 26th august. We were somehow afraid about whether we loss inside the transit, what could we do?? By the way, it was so easy to reach to the Kyoto city. Bullet train (NOZOMI-SHINKANSEN)!!! 300Km/hr, Wowww I cant imagine how Japanese build such a system/technology…….
I am very much thankful to Keiko-san for such a nice opportunity to appear on this world’s top conference related to computer network. During this 5 days conference I met 3 Microsoft Researchers, FreeBSD Developer, CISCO managers and professors form different universities. By the way I became lucky that I got mail-id from almost all presenters. This is my big achievement and experience about to participate in such a conference and acquiring latest information about network/routing from IETF members, Microsoft researchers and professors. What I found that it is really incomparable about the learning technique of Nepal with other countries……
Preparation for the Mozilla 24hr events on Mita campus Tokyo
We were already informed by Funya that we had to support in the Mozilla event. So our major responsibilities were

  • to create 5 minutes cultural video

  • to control VIC/RAT of all SOI-ASIA partners and

  • other technical as well as management support for the event

On 8th September, Abazh, Arif, Funya and me went to Akihabara city to take some videos. Travelling along the city on that day was quite interesting; we took several videos and pictures and entered into a cafĂ© for the coffee break……

September 16 to September 22 (9th week)
There was problem in TU-RR as it was already notified by my staff at TU. But due to lack of time I was unable to give him time and also the time to meet him was not matching…. The problem was quite magic that the downstream interface of RR was not working. I requested him to send the rc.conf file through mail…. Then I suspected that there might be problem in IPv4 address assignment line in rc.conf file. Wauuu I found that there was a big mistake (typo error) on that line. I found the line as:
Ifconfig_fxp1="inet netmask"

But it should be:

ifconfig_fxp1="inet netmask"

The letter “I” became capital during typing.

Oct. 7 to oct 13 (12th week)
On Sunday, we four interns went to Akihabara to purchase some electronic goods. This is my 3rd visit to Akihabara where I purchased watch, camera and USB HDD for my laptop…….As it couldnot find booting information for OS so stuck after loading BIOS. I got tension..ufff I had several packages intalled on my note, specially I was analyzing VMware, what could I do?? Any way I couldnot recover my note and finally I installed fress XP and reinstalled my all necessary packages on Monday……

Oct 14 to Oct 21 (13th week, last)
Now I entered into last week of my three months internship period. This week was a buffer week for me to be prepared for final presentation together with problem analysis of VMware………. I had to reduce the slides drastically to not more than 40 slides. By the way, on Wednesday, my supervisor Abazh suggested me to present only the additional task and experiences. Thanks god! I prepared slides of my additional task and three months experiences on Japan…..

……Monday morning, my time to left Japan came. I left Leo-Palace on 8AM saying bye bye to Japan and caught the train to reach to Yokohama and got back to my country around 5PM from Narita Airport by Thai Airways successfully.