Tuesday, April 08, 2008

From NGO-Profile to DNF-Profile to DNET-Profile

When I was working as lecturer in Acme Engg. College, I became so tedious in teaching. Though teaching is a nice job which improves our level of confidence in mass communication as well as enhances our knowledge what we studied in B.E.

I know I am computer engineer. I thought my job must be either software programming or system/network administration in parallel with teaching. Programming only is also a tedious job (continuous programming>> monotonous).

During these teaching periods, I roamed for programming job after 2PM onwards after finishing morning shift class on the college. I like database programming. One of my friends, coworker at Acme proposed me for part time program at Compro Computers Pvt. Ltd. Hence my part-time programming life started since February 2006. The first project was Finance Model 1.0 developed for NGO-Federation of Nepal. It was an accounting package in replace of quickbooks (famous accounting software). I was afraid how could I generate balance sheet, laser, trial balance, Journal Vourcher etc…etc…though I programmed until 9PM night daily with the help of Auditor on the side.

During this programming period, I got a chance to meet mercantile programmer and we developed that first software as a joint effort. My inspiring friend Prabhat, IT manager of NGO-Federation, helped me a lot and taught me about firing trigger and writing procedure in MS-SQL Server. Due to this hard work, I became the system architect for the next project called Prime Minister Office Project (PMO). During the PMO project development, our team started the project enthusiastically from the beginning at Prime Minister’s office at singadurbar (interview,DB design….there was vice chair person Kirtinidihi Bist in Prime Minister’s post). The time was the time when king gyanendra seized the country and ruled by himself. We became unlucky that the project was closed due to country’s political instability and king’s over enthusiasm (I hate politics).

After that I became the IT-Consultant of Ngo-Federation when IT manager of NGO-Federation went for abroad study. During the consultancy I handled the entire project running on NGO with NGO-Profile which was developed on MS-SQL Server, Crystal Report, and ASP with Nepali Unicode format. After successful completion as IT consultant in NGO-Federation, I got a second contract on Dalit NGO Federation of Nepal (DNF) to create profile of Dalit NGOs. It is really interesting to program in ASP/MS-SQL server with Nepali Unicode as front end. Hence I developed data entry and analysis for DNF-Profile. Some of the snapshots are:

Data entry form for DNF-Profile

Record Search form for DNF-Profile

Data in Unicode format, in SQL Server

From that Unicode programming, my confidence level towards programming increased more. I just used these templates and created IOE Entrance Management System too. Now I am writing program for DNET-Profile (Development Network Pvt. Ltd.) using the ASP and MS-SQL. Interaction with the data entry operators, writing code, refining the wrong entry makes me quite sharp with more experiences in software developing. Some snapshots from this DNET-Profile:

Data Entry Form

Record Update Form

Database of DNET-Profile

IT-Consultancy enables us to be social, interactive and forwarding in the IT field…….this is just my way towards creating profile on NGOs/Consultancy Offices