Monday, May 05, 2008

Do You Like Piano?? Make your Computer Keyboard a Piano

There is no one in this world who hates music. Piano is a typical Musical Instrument which is frequently used to play while we become offset or we come into tension. Hence this device is used to play for peacefulness and coolness.

During my Masters study, I have developed a software package using Visual Basic as a project categorized under Multimedia which was an elective subject. Teacher suggested us to create a group and build a project which must cover objective of what we were studying in Multimedia Subject. Responsibility went to me to create a project anyhow. I thought to build a piano which is helpful to everyone because anybody if he has a computer, he could simulate the principle of Piano by his computer keyboard.

Some of the keys of computer keyboard are taken as piano keys. It is similar like real piano. If you are perfect in playing a piano, I confirmed that you will really enjoy with this software. Let me give you tips about how to install and play:

You can download a pianosetup.doc and serialkey.txt (key: 1111111111) from the following link:

(alternetive technique to download: copy these links to Browser's address bar and enter, if you could not download directly)

after download is complete, first rename the pianosetup.doc file to pianosetup.exe (you can run that file only after renaming to pianosetup.exe)

Just run the setup file and supply serial key what I have provided with.

After installation is complete, go to program file>>Easy Piano>> Projectmultimedia

You can see the following main screen and choose tools>>Piano

And start playing (note* your speakers connected to your computer must be working)

Enjoy Piano!!!!!!! ;)

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