Sunday, January 25, 2009

Software Track - Object Oriented Programming (3-D visualization of Complex Poynomial)

I just looked back to my project developed as subject project while studying BE Computer Engineering@IOE. Among the different types of programming, I like Object Oriented Programming specially JAVA due to its robustness, architectural independence, parallel processing (thread), and other properties of OOPs.

Computer Graphics, one of the interesting subjects of study. Rajendra Dev Adhikari (Currently telecom engineer), was the subject teacher encouraged us to develop project in graphics. We had to implement Gaurad shading and other necessary algorithms if possible.

Myself (Babu Ram Dawadi) with my roommate Arun Parajuli in IOE hostel decided to draw complex polynomial using Hornor’s Method (studied in Numerical Method). Arun Parajuli was quite perfect in JAVA multithreading. Hence our effort came into realization that we perfectly developed a project combining graphics algorithm and Numerical Method Algorithm. The project was developed in JAVA Swing. If you supply coefficients of a polynomial, then the program shows the 3-D plot like shown below.