Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Volunteer Post Promotion!!!

It is been THREE months since I have been working as System Administrator which is my volunteer post promotion just after I became Asst. Professor at IOE. I hope everybody knows the meaning of this word “volunteer”. But the pattern of my work is quite interesting. It seems neither volunteer nor professional activities. Because I felt myself that I am not working properly in my old office. Sometimes damn care but sometimes caring too. Sometimes when I got a call regarding the problems, my answers would simply be “that’s not my responsibilities” but sometimes feeling that I am not fulfilling responsibilities myself.

I have to recommend lower level staff’s leave, recommend for equipments procurement process and blab bla bla..but officially, it is not legal as its being not the scope of volunteer.

These days I got a post “System Administrator” of CIT which is my former office after I got new appointment of DOECE. I am sorry I am not handling all the works within this office as being system administrator. It is just a “kam chalau” ..Because I am just waiting system and network engineer who only can handle the responsibilities as assigned. Another problem is I don’t have time to do research on networking and system administration. This might be the cause due to my other professional engagement.

I know that I am really benefitted from this post that is only I gain from my office. It is not a simple one who got volunteer to handle whole system with its big network. Imagine why people want to do volunteer in UN, World Bank etc…..

Previously I was system engineer, now I am one level promoted to handle all technical and nontechnical administrations so called “System Administrator”. Anyway it is my big achievement.

Quite surprised!!!..There was big transition in my life during the period between last and current new post in my blog. Definitely I have to write the effect of change in my life but time ..time time……really tough to manage the time.