Saturday, January 09, 2010

Double Benefit: Moment of Enjoyment and closeness with new environment

I could not remember when did I join the last picnic while I was in IOE. Hummmm…yes I can remember the day at Daxinkali Picnic with IOE-DOECE Group. It was really exciting moment for me. It was the year of 2007 when I became 2 years old with my IOE job. Picnic is one of the most important moment where attendees enjoy with friends, seniors and juniors. Wake up early morning, be hurry..go to office, spent whole time in office, return back home, eat and sleep….rerun the cycle whole life.. its really being tedious and monotonous for anyone who has job. So sometimes we human beings definitely need some refreshment periodically. That’s why this picnic was organized by NTA group as an official entertainment program.

I really wanna give thanx to the organizer that this picnic gave me double benefit. I am new in NTA..the most one newcomers. Hence I was roaming with the environment when I can be familiar with whole NTA family as soon as possible. This picnic program helped me to interact with all staffs and with board members too.

Place was lakuri bhanjyang, really exciting place where I felt I am on the top of mountain. The snow falling hilly zone is quite near from the spot.

enjoyed watching the moment too. Eating, Drinking, Dancing and sharing the feelings..anyway nice moment

Ha..Ha..Ha....Bishnu..seems quite angried with sunil....and so...sunil is...ha ha ha

Nice View of Himal from Picnic Spot

Moment of Enjoyment

definitely he will won who is getting back support from our CM...:p..ha ha ha
Moment of Enjoyment

this is the way how to love the boss...ha ha

DDs and ADs of NTA!!!

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