Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sauraha-Daraudi Trip, Refreshment and Declaration

The three days (Magh 15, 16 and 17) visit to Sauraha with Daraudi river, were the one most memorable days for me. We DOECE group has campaign picnic prgram to saurah, chitwan. Not only sauraha, the group of prof. teeka upreti visited daraudi river as an unplanned additional entertainment. Definitely i will write the memorable situation in my blog. Before that i will like to post the group mail posted by Dr. Jyoti Tandukar in our DOECE group regarding sauraha declaration. Lets see, Sauraha declaration will have movement or not. the copied contents as below:

Prof. Jyoti Said:
"I hope that all of you are serious about our Sauraha declaration. As a responsible professional of this society, I personally believe that we have to ensure that our voice is heard. This movement could be an important step towards that, therefore, I totally support Tika jee's proposal.

We have to discuss and decide what could be our plan of action, and what has to be our common commitment. But before everything else, we need a name and symbolic representation. I am proposing English and Nepali version for the same. Please approve or propose a better one."

Best Regards,
Jyoti Tandukar, Ph.D.

I will disclose what the Sauraha declaration was ,only after there is some movement on it. I am fully supportive on this activity against parties and government who are not responsible to this country.  we want to raise movement on "National Issues" not political and individual.

thank you,
Babu Ram Dawadi