Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since last six months, I have been experiencing a big time management problem.  i think i need to draw UML Time Diagram for me. I don’t know how could i had provided time to seven engineering colleges to teach my elective subjects: “Data Warehousing and Data Mining”. Probably I applied such an algorithm that might be new in artificial intelligence … he he he..BIM, BE and M.Sc. Engineering students and varieties of experiences with them. Wakeup early morning, leave home for teaching and come home back around 9PM night. It was my last six months daily routine. Even in Saturday 6 AM to 5 PM engaged in teaching. I think i had broken up my wife’s hurt several times, I never think allocating time to her due to my over busy time. I knew I got SMS message several times, phone call several times but I hadn’t have time even to watch SMS and pickup phone. But being a computer engineer (same profession with me), she has nice understandings with me. This is what I have achieved with my lovely wife>> understanding. I always deferred her request to have leisure time with her like watching film, shopping, occasional visit to relatives etc etc..

It is too much!! I am saturated with teaching. Data warehousing and Data Mining is my elective subject teaching since last 7 years and almost 20/22 semester groups were already passed out even though I have to learn more and teach more on this subject to my students. Being a system/network administrator in IOE Pulchowk campus, my favorite subject is networking and internet technology which leads towards research over Network security and QoS. It could probably my future destination in research.

Finally during  the middle of the training that was held in Healthnet Nepal on last Thursday, i went NTA and completed the simple task, I got free time after 3PM, so granted to have shopping with my gal. But the problem is government job holder, not sufficient money in my pocket. But I am happy with her first month’s first salary in her life and she was quite excited to purchase something with her first income. I am also happy that now she has her own income. I am frustrate with some private engineering colleges who still delaying my remuneration of last semester. New semester has already been started.  It is better to teach to selected college with selected students only, I feel myself not good to be a helmet faculty any more. 

Bishal Bazaar shopping complex, I think Nepal’s the very old shopping complex is still seems better for shopping. During last 30 years of my age, I never found my weight above 54Kg.  48KG in SLC, 48KG  in I.SC, 52KG in BE, 53KG in Masters.. However the level of education increased my weight never increased. Whenever I stand into the weighing machine, the slip wrote, “YOU ARE UNDER WEIGHT”. Whenever I felt myself increase in weight immediately I went for weighing but no considerable improvement. Since last 2 years, I never thought of weighing anymore because I am tensed, I could never be fatty. But this time, this time the weighing machine showed “YOU ARE IN RIGHT WEIGHT”. Again I am in more tensed, because I am getting fatty..Looking odd with stomach size increment. So people never get satisfied. Previously I always roamed to get solution about how to get fatty but now onwards I have to get solution to become fit. Anyway the 3hrs shopping was interesting and the memorable one and I hope I am excused. with my all negligence i did. New semester has already been started..probably the last schedule may be repeated…:p.