Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd International Event Management Practice: SATRC workshop on Spectrum Management

I guess, I have good experiences in teaching, systems engineering, network engineering, software programming.... I want to extend my experience in gaming like volleyball, basketball etc..but due to professional life lacking me behind from my game zone. However overall I want to extend my experiences in every field that I never ever have/had before.
Last time when I coordinated for the workshop/meeting of AI3/SOI IPv6 project held in June 2009 at Hotel Himalaya Kathmandu, I felt very tough with all the activities like hotel management, delegates management, conference room setup with video conferencing (IPv6 tunneled to SFC Japan) bla bla bla..i was almost harassed due to the lack of coordination among the team members of the working committee. I learned a lot from that event regarding the conference event management. 

This time, i am very lucky. Though its been seven years since I have been involved with my profession, I am fresh Asst. Director of engineering section of Nepal Telecommunications Authority. However NTA has selected me to be a team member of this SATRC WORKSHOP on SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT. Thanks to NTA and especially thanks to SL HADA sir for letting me into the team and have a trust. The team is quite strong and well synchronized such that due to the favor of Chairman and with the biggest favor and encouragement from our Director (Ananda Raj Khanal), I hope the program was successful and the memorable one. Working together into a team member is not an easy task due to the involvement of different people with different nature/habit and for the case in Nepal: with different political background. However if a team only focus
over the work/responsibility and think for institution with common consensus avoiding individual selfishness and politics, the team work really became fruitful. This is what I felt from this nice coordination and work dedication with us in our perfect SATRC team.  Definitely my previous experiences helped me out for this event management.

Asia-Pacific Telecommunity has its sub executive body to address issues of telecommunications within the SATRC member countries. Every year the SATRC workshop is organized in any one SATRC member countries in round robin basis. This year however Nepal is placed under an alternate country for this workshop, we got the chance after Bangladesh had decided not to host due to some  unpredictable circumstances.

The SATRC Workshop on Spectrum Management is a part of the implementation of SATRC Action plan Phase III which was adopted at the 11th SATRC meeting in 2009 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The workshop will discuss a number of issues related to spectrum management in the SATRC region. It will assist the Regulatory bodies of the SATRC member countries in their human resource development needs for acquiring knowledge and skills in spectrum management related regulatory and implementation matters. It will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange views and experiences among the SATRC member country’s regulators and operators on the issues as mentioned. (

19-20 Aug. 2010 at Radisson Hotel, the workshop was completed successfully. Delegates from different countries (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, IR Iran, Lebanon, Maldives, New-Zealand, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Thailand) were successfully arrived in Kathmandu in 18th August when I and Sandip (asst. director of economic and consumer section) welcomed all the delegates at the immigration point of Tribhuvan International Airport.  We had managed Nepal Telecom GSM SIM card for every delegates and hence provided at the airport to make our delegates more comfortable with their stay in Nepal.

I am almost new in telecommunications, especially in spectrum management. I was quite interested to join and see the presentations of all papers on this workshop but being into the workshop management committee, i didn’t let myself to attend the program.  Cross-Border interference, spectrum band management for different mobile technologies, spectrum pricing and regulations are the current major issues of the country. Due to Spectrum limits the operators. Every country can’t increase operators and it’s hard to develop competitive markets in telecom due to spectrum. So far from the view of different organizations, operators and specialists, spectrum distribution in Nepal is unfair. We should have to have spectrum re-farming and manage the spectrum in a proper way so that there won’t be any discrimination in the frequency band distribution.

i hope,this workshop taught us a lot about the conference management further. "Experience is better than learning theory".


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