Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Events and Trip from the beginning were Memorable

I was quite socked when Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied processing my visa letter simply forwarded by the line Ministry MoIC. However I am supposed working for the government of Nepal, It was my unfortunate treating like third class people. It was already late for me to process the visa. Almost 19 days left to apply for VISA to Australia. Finally I had decided to process directly from my office through visa counselor to Australian Embassy located in New Delhi, India. The last 16 days of my visa processing was quite embarrassing for me whether my visa would be accepted or rejected. I really feel sad that one Nepalese backbite another Nepalese; Australian government treated me as Nepalese Citizen and so permitted me by providing multiple entry visas. I was in rush during the day before my flight, because I just got the passport at the last moment and so nothing was decided and managed before departure. It was a five days training program from 6-10 December 2010 at Sydney, Australia. NTA nominated me to participate on this program. As per the program scheduled, I had talked with Roshan (my brother in law) who is almost well established in Sydney, managed my stay and trip at Sydney.