Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Events and Trip from the beginning were Memorable

I was quite socked when Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied processing my visa letter simply forwarded by the line Ministry MoIC. However I am supposed working for the government of Nepal, It was my unfortunate treating like third class people. It was already late for me to process the visa. Almost 19 days left to apply for VISA to Australia. Finally I had decided to process directly from my office through visa counselor to Australian Embassy located in New Delhi, India. The last 16 days of my visa processing was quite embarrassing for me whether my visa would be accepted or rejected. I really feel sad that one Nepalese backbite another Nepalese; Australian government treated me as Nepalese Citizen and so permitted me by providing multiple entry visas. I was in rush during the day before my flight, because I just got the passport at the last moment and so nothing was decided and managed before departure. It was a five days training program from 6-10 December 2010 at Sydney, Australia. NTA nominated me to participate on this program. As per the program scheduled, I had talked with Roshan (my brother in law) who is almost well established in Sydney, managed my stay and trip at Sydney. 
However the schedule was quite tight, the available time was perfectly utilized by having sightseeing and visiting friends and relations.

Me with Narayan Adhikari (quite soft person from MoIC), enjoyed the program with 100% satisfaction. We purchased one week local travel ticket from the train station. The ticked was valid to travel by bus, train and ferry within Sydney. Arncliffe to darling harbor, from resident to training center, our daily schedule was set. The training center was located at the center of Sydney which is at darling harbor opposite of Sydney Convention Center and the world’s biggest theater iMAX with Sydney aquarium and wildlife world. Friends told us that, if I purchase the combo ticket for aquarium, wildlife, tower and ocean-world then Sydney tour would be finished with visiting Opera House.We purchased the combo ticket in AUS $50 (quite expensive, I realized). I thanks to Roshan and next brother Mr. Sharad Kharel who were keenly interested to extend my stay and trying to plan to go another city. However it was not possible to extend the ticket for the short period of time.

 The main objective of the international training program (ITP) was to offer a comprehensive overview of and insight into Australia's contemporary communications regulatory environment with a focus on the implications and challenges of convergence. The ITP also included international speakers who will discuss their country's specific experiences and lessons learned with the following focus topics:
  • Communications and media regulation in a digital society
  • Promoting competition, choice and public benefit
  • Digital economy: Risks, challenges and opportunities
  • Promoting end-user access and safety
  • Promoting compliance

The training was successfully completed in a peaceful environment at the dockside lab, Darling Harbor, Sydney. The training materials and other resources provided were more than sufficient to gain the knowledge. There were almost eighty participants from all over the Asia-pacific region with participation from the African country “Kenya”.
During the first day (6th Dec.), the training program was inaugurated jointly by the deputy chair of ACMA and Regional Director of Asia and the Pacific. Throughout the training program, almost presenters were from the expertise of ACMA including the presenters form Malaysian Communications and Media Authority (MCMC), Bhutan InfoCom and Media Authority (BICMA), Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy of Australia, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Associations, Australian Telecommunications Users Group, InfoCom Development Authority of Singapore, Internet Society of Australia and International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Presenters from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Samoa and New Zealand had presented their country experiences regarding the regulation and ICT issues with their case study pilot project. All the presentation materials would be available via NTA’s Digital Library system soon in the near future.

I had have great experiences of having such an wonderful training which helped me to gain knowledge on regulatory challenges, spectrum management, infrastructure sharing, mobile broadband communications, citizens security, national security issues: cyber safety, e-Security, digital economy  with future communications and media/content regulation. Training is such a tool which definitely helps to improve one’s level of confidence in his/her expertise. This training program gave me broad idea about regulation issues like media regulation, content regulation, anti-spamming, spectrum etc which is necessary for me to handle my responsibilities more effectively within my designated post in NTA. 
It was not my first abroad visit. After visiting Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, I felt Sydney is comparatively more comfortable for me. Singapore is high paced city however it is English speaking. Language problem with Tokyo. Sydney peoples are a bit more socialized I found. It seems choosing Sydney, the migration venue is better I think. I always get frosted for about one month when I got back to Kathmandu from abroad. By seeing the development, environment, peoples civilization abroad, all in all, Kathmandu, how can I imagine that one time Kathmandu will be on that position. Never never and never…ever. Political leaders, government officials… doctors, engineers, lawyers..Professors…no one is dedicated and committed to the country then how could Nepal would be on that position.  Eisahi hey, chalraha hai..chalta hai..

रोशन, चन्द्र र नारायन ब्रोहरुलाई धेरै धरै धन्यबाद!!

Finally I am so sorry with those friends to whom I could not meet however I was nearby you into the city.  Let’s hope to meet with you next time when the time cycles back to me.

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