Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Diary-2067 (2010/2011)

Stable, the most stable and the exciting year 2067 for me. I found myself almost successful in my every job and activities throughout the year. However I became offset when a pocket picker picked up my mobile during Nepal banda in May. I walked to office by foot during the day so called strike announced by Maoist. Hence I lost my set what I purchased from Singapore during the conference visit. It was a nice Samsung set with so many functionality.

I became quite busy during the whole period of year 2067. The cause was my added responsibilities in my office due to the shortage of human resource in the engineering section of NTA. I am supposed to be a bit more experienced in the event management which I managed a couple of times before while I was in Institute of Engineering (IOE) Pulchowk Campus. I remember the day while on IOE that two times I was able to organize Free Students Union Election through software voting. These ware quite risky events what I had decided to handle and managed all technically. It made me experience what I gained in my life. The event what I followed is workshop “SATRC” ( which was successfully conducted by the NTA team in which I was one of the team member.

Government decided to band porno sites via the ISP network and services. The responsibility was given to me to be a focal point to verify the legality of the sites and issue letters to ISPs. The job became quite tough for me because I hadn’t have the guidelines (Code of conduct) to make sure that any complained site is porno or not.  It was one of the criticizing decisions.