Saturday, November 03, 2012

Typical HYD Training, Feels Really Different

Arrived safely at Rajeev Gandhi Int’l Airport, HYD by Jet Airways via Mumbai, well received by the host, twin bed sharable room, well cleaned, solar fitted bathroom, met Vietnamese Mr. Kein around 10PM on 28th October 2012 at Regional Telecom Training Center (RTTC), Gachiboli HYD named GODAVARI Hostel. I am well satisfied with the speed of wireless at the room. The training starts at 9:30 on Monday, 29th Oct while we were seven participants under APT fellowship and other eight participants from DOT India. The training is solely about IP version 6 protocol and its basics. The syllabus covers v4 networking starting from TCP/IP introduction, v4 addressing (subnetting, supernetting), v4 and v6 header basics, comparing of v4 and v6 header with v6 features, routing concepts (static, dynamic). Practical concepts of OSPF, EIGRP routing and dual stack operation.
This coverage is very basics for me as already being a v6 literate. Especially I didn’t get anything new about IPv6 as compared with my last workshop at Thailand, However it helps me sharpen the basics of networking including basic network

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vientiane’s ITU-BSG Program: Issues of Nepal

In my previous post, I had written about my THAI v6 training organized at TOT Academy of Thailand summarizing about the latest migration approaches in IPv6. I am now (29 oct. 2012) at Hyderabad IPv6 training conducted by BSNL (a government owned enterprise of India) under APT fellowship. I can benchmark this training only after the completion. Before this, I am reminding the ITU-BSG program organized at Lao-PLAZA hotel, Vientiane on 30-31st July, 2012.

I found myself lucky when the day I got opportunity to attend as a speaker(speaker biography: in this BSG  (bridging the standardization gap, workshop where I presented about “ICT promotion and Standardization challenges of Nepal”( .

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Blog Bangkok: Updated my IPv6 Hard-Disc with latest migration approaches

However Bangkok city is well developed, peoples are still in the phase of civilization and system is still in the phase of like under-developing. “First Impression is the Last Impression”. It was amazing that the driver who drive us from subarnabhumi airport to nonthaburi (almost 40KM) hotel, charged us 700bhat plus 100 Bhat for express way charge. Me and Mr. Surya Lamichhane both were happy reaching the hotel in time and provided the taxi fare with additional 20Bhat as tips, but we paid a total amount of 280Bhat plus 100 Bhat at express charge while returning back from hotel to Subarnabhumi airport following the same route .  Only taxi meter is not trustworthy, better use bill printing system too. If somebody do overbilling then ……
Anyway, the four days Bangkok training workshop on “IPv6 Migration Strategies for Telecom Service Providers”, was really became the fruitful one for me. Thorough knowledge on migration approaches has been covered. Presentations from ISOC representatives, Japanese KDDI, Thai AIS, Alcatel Lucent and especially the remarkable presentations with demonstration of routing configuration from Philip Smith of APINIC helps me to overwrite the old hard-disc of my mind with new and the recent approaches of migration techniques.
With my thesis on 2008, I had expected that the world would have IPv6-only network only after 2030. “It is envisaged that the internet will operate Dual-STACK (co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6 both) for many years to come”. This was one of the conclusions drawn from this workshop too.  Therefore there are only three options for ISPs regarding IPv6 migration:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cyber-Security: Steps towards NP-CERT

I think laziness is directly proportional with age. it seems, it is applied to my case. while getting older, i become more and more lazy day by day. However there might be several other factors like hottest Kathmandu temperature, country's bad condition might be the part into my laziness. its been almost one month since i am back from USA attending the cyber security workshop. taking into account, i tried to write an article towards the formation of Nepal-CERT for better protection of Nepalese cyber space. Into my following articles, i mentioned the necessary steps that Nepal can take to protect its cyber space on behalf of US cyber security training/workshop. I hope this article would be helpful to those policy makers of Nepal to fulfill its objective(s). anybody is allowed to copy this article, however, i request to put my credit in your work if this article is fruitful to you in the same way like i am putting credit to the site: from which i copied principle(s) for CERT development.

Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
US-Cyber Security Training: Brief Overview
NP-CERT: Motivating Factors
CERT Objectives
CERT: Establishment Steps
Steps Towards NP-CERT
Recommendation & Conclusion

List of Abbreviations
ccTLD    Country Code Top Level Domain      
CERT    Computer Emergency Response Team      
DNS    Domain Name Service      
HLS    Home Land Security      
ICT    Information and Communication Technology      
IMPACT    International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threat      
MoIC    Ministry of Information and Communication       
NP    Nepal      
NRB    Nepal Rastra Bank      
NTA    Nepal Telecommunications Authority      
US    United States      
1.0 Background:
With the advancement of technology implementation and continued growth in system automation via the use of information and communication/network technology, the security into the system/technology should also be enforced in a proper way.  Networks systems are quite vulnerable with change of technology which we need to protect against possible attack. This is our pleasure that group of Nepalese delegates have attended the training sequence “Cyber Security and ICT Policy Making” in United States of America with the invitation by US Department of State from Apr 20 to May 4, 2012.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Blog Washington: US Cyber Security Workshop and DC-NY Trip

Quite interesting and surprising, at the departure point of DOHA, we found that we were 7-delegates from Nepal to the same training/workshop arrived Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Washington DC at 19th April, Thursday. I imagined the maximum benefit of US tour and workshop with our group and participants from several other countries in which fifty percent participants are from Africa.
Briefing of the course and short tour of Whitehouse, DC Monument on Friday as conducted by our course coordinator Mr. Mike made us more familiar with US bus and metro service. Six participants from within out group traveled around the DC and also covered some places of Virginia like Pentagon and Pentagon City where I purchased 16.2MP camera with nice video functionality for my Handsome friend who just got married (Mr. Him Jyoti Thapa) as per his last minute request while departing Kathmandu.

I had provided my hotel contact to some of my friends in USA. On Saturday I got calls from several friends. With this conversation I got one advice that: “remember about 3W i.e. WWW in USA. Shortly I thought that it was internet related like World Wide Web. But it is abbreviated from Weather-Work-Wife, which is always changeable stuffs in USA...ha ha ha. I realized after facing bad weather on 22nd April, Sunday. Unexpectedly (however announced by TV) the weather condition Changed and whole day became cloudy with big rain.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Washington: flash back to the NP YR 2068

  • Normal Life and Almost busy life with no any productive activities up to the months Bhadra (August).
  • Participation to SANOG-IPv6 session program on Pokhara on Ashwin (September)
  • Official Training opportunity to Malaysia on “Securing Network and Services: Cybercrime and cyber security” on Mangshir (November)
  • Parents got SCHENGEN VISA to visit Europe (younger brother’s family)
  • Brother (Younger son of my Elder father) diagnosed serious cancer patient on Push (December)
  • Completed 3-story building (my Home) on Magh, relief from home construction headache
  • Arrived in New-Delhi, India for cancer treatment on Magh (January) but it was an unsuccessful attempt: moment of big offset in life.
  • Parents departed for Belgium on Falgun (February), more tight time for me.
  • Got official opportunity to attend cybercrime questionnaire regional workshop in Thailand but unfortunately unable to achieve due to unfavorable condition of time.
  • Preparation of SATRC Council meeting completed on Falgun (February). Assigned into secretariat team.
  • Got USA Visa for Three Months on Chaitra (March/April)
  • Completed logistics and other necessary arrangement for SATRC Council Meeting.
  • Departed for Washington DC by Qatar Airways for training/conference on Baisakh-2069.
The above short list of events shows that there is mixed-up of joy-sad environment in the year 2068 for me. Due to tight timings and increase in laziness with me, I was quite unable to write anything into my blog. So So I am unable to capture the events in Malaysia during my cyber security training which was quite useful and implementable. While ISP network security workshop on Pokhara was noticeable for me: 

The Malaysia training organized by ITU-IMPACT highlighted briefly the possible attacks in our computer space (cyber environment) with possible prevention techniques. In addition with training it made me able to measure the Kuala Lumpur city while it was my fifth city of visit. I visited Singapore City and Penang City before.