Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Washington: flash back to the NP YR 2068

  • Normal Life and Almost busy life with no any productive activities up to the months Bhadra (August).
  • Participation to SANOG-IPv6 session program on Pokhara on Ashwin (September)
  • Official Training opportunity to Malaysia on “Securing Network and Services: Cybercrime and cyber security” on Mangshir (November)
  • Parents got SCHENGEN VISA to visit Europe (younger brother’s family)
  • Brother (Younger son of my Elder father) diagnosed serious cancer patient on Push (December)
  • Completed 3-story building (my Home) on Magh, relief from home construction headache
  • Arrived in New-Delhi, India for cancer treatment on Magh (January) but it was an unsuccessful attempt: moment of big offset in life.
  • Parents departed for Belgium on Falgun (February), more tight time for me.
  • Got official opportunity to attend cybercrime questionnaire regional workshop in Thailand but unfortunately unable to achieve due to unfavorable condition of time.
  • Preparation of SATRC Council meeting completed on Falgun (February). Assigned into secretariat team.
  • Got USA Visa for Three Months on Chaitra (March/April)
  • Completed logistics and other necessary arrangement for SATRC Council Meeting.
  • Departed for Washington DC by Qatar Airways for training/conference on Baisakh-2069.
The above short list of events shows that there is mixed-up of joy-sad environment in the year 2068 for me. Due to tight timings and increase in laziness with me, I was quite unable to write anything into my blog. So So I am unable to capture the events in Malaysia during my cyber security training which was quite useful and implementable. While ISP network security workshop on Pokhara was noticeable for me: 

The Malaysia training organized by ITU-IMPACT highlighted briefly the possible attacks in our computer space (cyber environment) with possible prevention techniques. In addition with training it made me able to measure the Kuala Lumpur city while it was my fifth city of visit. I visited Singapore City and Penang City before.