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Blog Washington: flash back to the NP YR 2068

  • Normal Life and Almost busy life with no any productive activities up to the months Bhadra (August).
  • Participation to SANOG-IPv6 session program on Pokhara on Ashwin (September)
  • Official Training opportunity to Malaysia on “Securing Network and Services: Cybercrime and cyber security” on Mangshir (November)
  • Parents got SCHENGEN VISA to visit Europe (younger brother’s family)
  • Brother (Younger son of my Elder father) diagnosed serious cancer patient on Push (December)
  • Completed 3-story building (my Home) on Magh, relief from home construction headache
  • Arrived in New-Delhi, India for cancer treatment on Magh (January) but it was an unsuccessful attempt: moment of big offset in life.
  • Parents departed for Belgium on Falgun (February), more tight time for me.
  • Got official opportunity to attend cybercrime questionnaire regional workshop in Thailand but unfortunately unable to achieve due to unfavorable condition of time.
  • Preparation of SATRC Council meeting completed on Falgun (February). Assigned into secretariat team.
  • Got USA Visa for Three Months on Chaitra (March/April)
  • Completed logistics and other necessary arrangement for SATRC Council Meeting.
  • Departed for Washington DC by Qatar Airways for training/conference on Baisakh-2069.
The above short list of events shows that there is mixed-up of joy-sad environment in the year 2068 for me. Due to tight timings and increase in laziness with me, I was quite unable to write anything into my blog. So So I am unable to capture the events in Malaysia during my cyber security training which was quite useful and implementable. While ISP network security workshop on Pokhara was noticeable for me: 

The Malaysia training organized by ITU-IMPACT highlighted briefly the possible attacks in our computer space (cyber environment) with possible prevention techniques. In addition with training it made me able to measure the Kuala Lumpur city while it was my fifth city of visit. I visited Singapore City and Penang City before.

After the unsuccessful treatment attempt of my brother (affected by serious cancer) once it is identified as retro-peritoneal mass sarcoma and finally diagnosed as Ewing sarcoma, I measured myself the value of life, thought about the spiritual life, also thought the existence of god (different flavor of Hindu gods: Mahadev, Bishnu, Maheshwor bla bla bla…, Yesu Christ, Alaha..whatever it is..), I don’t know why we wanna be selfish, why we people wanna be in higher post, power and want to earn more-more-more money etc… life seems to be nothing which can be damaged on any time and will be finished. I am writing these words after the impact of cancer patient: my brother (son of elder father) who is just 23 years old, got affected with unexpected and unavoidable cancer. The tumor at his vertebral line was on the way circulating his spinal cord which was finally trapped and paralyzed the lower part of the body below heap. Seems there is still no god exists in this world who save his life. Kathmandu doctors already surrendered to carryout surgery and the only way is to wait for god. We heard that Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Center and Research Institute (RGCI) in Delhi is the one scandal as world’s best cancer institute, where I reached there for his treatment. However the well equipped lab helps to diagnose the patient properly, the doctor’s unprofessional treatment procedure and staff’s uncivilized activities were really was a hectic days for me. Before reaching to the cancer center, the patient looks normal and move/walk normally however after diagnosis and for the process of treatment he got paralyzed and that was my difficult moment to rescue the patient back to Kathmandu. Doctors at RGCI also surrendered for his surgery to remove the small cell round tumor which was continuously increased in a two rise power multiplication.  Finally, the patient is detected as Ewing Sarcoma. carrying patient for over 27 hours continuous drive in lusiana car from Delhi to Kathmandu was my another moment of memorable traveling. we passed India border at Tanakpur and drived to KTM. Let me copied from wiki what this sarcoma is:

[Ewing sarcoma is a malignant round-cell tumour. It is a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or in soft tissue. The most common areas in which it occurs are the pelvis, the femur, the humerus, the ribs and clavicle. Because a common genetic locus is responsible for a large percentage of Ewing sarcoma and primitive neuroectodermal tumors, these are sometimes grouped together in a category known as the Ewing family of tumors. The diseases are, however, considered to be different: peripheral primitive neuro ectodermal tumours are generally not associated with bones, while Ewing sarcomas are most commonly related to bone. Ewing sarcoma occurs most frequently in teenagers, with a male/female ratio of 1.6:1.
Although usually classified as a bone tumour, Ewing sarcoma can have characteristics of both mesodermal and ectodermal origin, making it difficult to classify. James Ewing (1866–1943) first described the tumour, establishing that the disease was separate from lymphoma and other types of cancer known at that time.

Symptoms: According to The Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) the most common symptoms reported are: Localised pain: bone pain; may come and go and vary in its intensity. Swelling, this can be seen if it is on a bone near the surface of the body but in other places, like on the pelvis, it may not be visible.

Findings: Ewing sarcoma is more common in males and usually presents in childhood or early adulthood, with a peak between 10 and 20 years of age. It can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the pelvis and proximal long tubular bones, especially around the growth plates. Patients usually experience extreme bone pain. ]
The patient’s critical condition waiting for death is unimaginable for anyone. Seems its not fare as penalty given to him by the god.

Parents went to Belgium for three months. Family without parents felt suffocation for me due to difficulty in time management. Mrs Roshani (my wife), studying M.Sc. in information system engineerig at the evening class and feeding/handling 14 months daughter for me is quite typical which made me tighter with my time.

Parents at Belgium with Brother

Event management like workshop/seminars/meetings is not so easy. However group of efforts resulted into fruitful outcome. Last time I was in the committee to manage event of SATRC workshop while additionally I applied in my capacity to successfully conduct the ITU-NTA mission project with workshop of broadband regulatory guidelines development too.  This year also, I was in the committee of SATRC council meeting (18-20 Apr. 2012) preparation and management. Higher efforts of my other committee members with proper coordination made the event successful. I am thankful with the committee itself. Thanks Sunil for uploading some snapshots of SATRC-13 at face book.
SATRC-13 Council Meeting Snapshots

With the sponsorship for different modules under cyber security training by US Department of State, NTIA, VeriSign, AT&T, ISOC, Packet Clearing House, Alcatel-Lucent News Corp and IBM. I am quite happy and thankful to US department of State in its funding arrangement for me to be selected in this training program with my visa arrangement. And right now, I am in US Washington DC in the year 2069 as a part of my career development and empowered in the field of network and security strongly tied with my profession.

I hope the Nepalese New Year 2069 would be fruitful for me and remove all the pain of my previous years and add joyful in future.

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