Sunday, May 06, 2012

Blog Washington: US Cyber Security Workshop and DC-NY Trip

Quite interesting and surprising, at the departure point of DOHA, we found that we were 7-delegates from Nepal to the same training/workshop arrived Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Washington DC at 19th April, Thursday. I imagined the maximum benefit of US tour and workshop with our group and participants from several other countries in which fifty percent participants are from Africa.
Briefing of the course and short tour of Whitehouse, DC Monument on Friday as conducted by our course coordinator Mr. Mike made us more familiar with US bus and metro service. Six participants from within out group traveled around the DC and also covered some places of Virginia like Pentagon and Pentagon City where I purchased 16.2MP camera with nice video functionality for my Handsome friend who just got married (Mr. Him Jyoti Thapa) as per his last minute request while departing Kathmandu.

I had provided my hotel contact to some of my friends in USA. On Saturday I got calls from several friends. With this conversation I got one advice that: “remember about 3W i.e. WWW in USA. Shortly I thought that it was internet related like World Wide Web. But it is abbreviated from Weather-Work-Wife, which is always changeable stuffs in USA...ha ha ha. I realized after facing bad weather on 22nd April, Sunday. Unexpectedly (however announced by TV) the weather condition Changed and whole day became cloudy with big rain.