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Blog Washington: US Cyber Security Workshop and DC-NY Trip

Quite interesting and surprising, at the departure point of DOHA, we found that we were 7-delegates from Nepal to the same training/workshop arrived Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Washington DC at 19th April, Thursday. I imagined the maximum benefit of US tour and workshop with our group and participants from several other countries in which fifty percent participants are from Africa.
Briefing of the course and short tour of Whitehouse, DC Monument on Friday as conducted by our course coordinator Mr. Mike made us more familiar with US bus and metro service. Six participants from within out group traveled around the DC and also covered some places of Virginia like Pentagon and Pentagon City where I purchased 16.2MP camera with nice video functionality for my Handsome friend who just got married (Mr. Him Jyoti Thapa) as per his last minute request while departing Kathmandu.

I had provided my hotel contact to some of my friends in USA. On Saturday I got calls from several friends. With this conversation I got one advice that: “remember about 3W i.e. WWW in USA. Shortly I thought that it was internet related like World Wide Web. But it is abbreviated from Weather-Work-Wife, which is always changeable stuffs in USA...ha ha ha. I realized after facing bad weather on 22nd April, Sunday. Unexpectedly (however announced by TV) the weather condition Changed and whole day became cloudy with big rain.
Training/Workshop started since 23rd April. The major topics were:
  • ICT Policy Making
  • Cyber Security Components with Incident Management
  • CERTS, Country Code Top Level Domain Management (ccTLD Mgmt)
  • DNS and the Domain Name Industry
  • Internet Global Collaboration
  • Cyber Security Issues and Challenges
  • Internet Governance/Forum
  • Security by Design
  • Online Content Distribution and Protection
  • Cyber Security Mechanisms
I am supposed in the position of policy making as being the nature of my office. The workshop topics are quite buzzing for me. Hence I was quite excited with the greater expectation of knowledge rather than having America tour. Throughout the program almost presentations I found were in surface level only for me. However the presentation of ccTLD management and administration sponsored by Verisign, similarly presentation and demo of AT&T, presentation and Demo of IBM regarding cyber security/internet governance and the presentation by Alcatel/Lucent were really knowledgeable and fruitful to me.
We Nepalese wanna know about how other countries in this world are turning their technologies on? but we can’t deploy into our country. It’s our “misfortune”. Security is essential and is the country’s top propriety especially for developed countries whose all of the government/public systems are automated like Drinking Water, Energy, Transportation, Healthcare etc.. For Nepal, if we see nothing is automated then so “why do we need to have cyber Security concern?”. May be this is the question can be raised by traditional government officers. Hence still we are unable to penetrate technologies into Nepal government due to its conservative nature. Anyway, such types of knowledge gaining will be useful for developing countries once in the future, let’s hope.
Participants in this training are from different sectors (Police, Telecommunications/Computer Engineering, Legal, and Information Security Office). Its hard to fulfill the trainees demands based on the level of knowledge they have. Hence sometimes, I stuck what I am learning. 
During the second weekend I with Dr. Krishna Ghimire, (Section Officer, MoIC) planned to have DC-NY Tour. It was a Saturday morning we took Megabus to New York where we reached around 10AM morning. Almost five hours traveling by MegaBus from Washington DC via Meryland, Baltimore, Philadelphiya and to New York Manhattan was quite exciting. The whole day tour became really fruitful after we were welcomed by intelligent and cool guy Mr. Amrit Rai (under-secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal) who is working in UN Mission Nepal office at New York since last four years. We are thankful to him for his nice hospitality during the day when we visited under-constructed Twin-Tower, Times Square, Liberty, UN-Building, Central Park, Rock-away/Cony Island etc…

On Sunday, Apr. 29, got another beautiful chance to have tour of virgina-charlse-town with Mukti Ojha (grand-son of Sushil Ojha Sir, Joint-Secretary of MoIC). While in the early morning, Mukti Ojha picked up US (Me, Sushil Sir and Inspector Pashupati) to his resident near Tyson Center virgina. First time after reaching USA, got chance to have Nepali Delicious Food. After having morning meals, we moved to Hollywood charlse town. While on the way, we discussed lots of issues of American and Nepalese System. Anyway, we have the rights to discuss only however we don’t know whether we can do something or anything. This day’s main visit was the Charles town where biggest Hollywood casino resides. While we just entered into the casino center, we found a giant Nepalese woman checking the entrants whether they are above 18 or not. The casino has the policy to allow only adults above eighteen. But interestingly, we talked little bit in Nepalese language with her. Mean while she queried me whether I looked like below eighteen and asked for identity. I am happy that at least she thought me like age below eighteen.  But I never thought I am below eighteen he he. I showed her my identity and finally we walked around almost 2/3 hours inside casino and its automated game system. During the way to Hollywood, we were quite surprised with the well managed American villages’ area which is well maintained naturally.

Finally, we completed the training successfully and returned back with Qatar Airways hectic flight of 18Hrs to Kathmandu (DC-QR:14Hrs, QR-KTM: 4Hrs). i am really remembering those joyful and funny environment created by Sushi Sir and curious nature of DSP Naresh Mall ("We came to USA for tour by bus/train to save time not for walking") throughout our stay in US.
I thank to American government with other organizations to sponsor this program.

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