Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cyber-Security: Steps towards NP-CERT

I think laziness is directly proportional with age. it seems, it is applied to my case. while getting older, i become more and more lazy day by day. However there might be several other factors like hottest Kathmandu temperature, country's bad condition might be the part into my laziness. its been almost one month since i am back from USA attending the cyber security workshop. taking into account, i tried to write an article towards the formation of Nepal-CERT for better protection of Nepalese cyber space. Into my following articles, i mentioned the necessary steps that Nepal can take to protect its cyber space on behalf of US cyber security training/workshop. I hope this article would be helpful to those policy makers of Nepal to fulfill its objective(s). anybody is allowed to copy this article, however, i request to put my credit in your work if this article is fruitful to you in the same way like i am putting credit to the site: http://www.cert.org/csirts/Creating-A-CSIRT.html from which i copied principle(s) for CERT development.

Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
US-Cyber Security Training: Brief Overview
NP-CERT: Motivating Factors
CERT Objectives
CERT: Establishment Steps
Steps Towards NP-CERT
Recommendation & Conclusion

List of Abbreviations
ccTLD    Country Code Top Level Domain      
CERT    Computer Emergency Response Team      
DNS    Domain Name Service      
HLS    Home Land Security      
ICT    Information and Communication Technology      
IMPACT    International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threat      
MoIC    Ministry of Information and Communication       
NP    Nepal      
NRB    Nepal Rastra Bank      
NTA    Nepal Telecommunications Authority      
US    United States      
1.0 Background:
With the advancement of technology implementation and continued growth in system automation via the use of information and communication/network technology, the security into the system/technology should also be enforced in a proper way.  Networks systems are quite vulnerable with change of technology which we need to protect against possible attack. This is our pleasure that group of Nepalese delegates have attended the training sequence “Cyber Security and ICT Policy Making” in United States of America with the invitation by US Department of State from Apr 20 to May 4, 2012.