Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shocking changes within the recent half decade


It took almost Ten hours walking to my home at simjung, bhachchek from gorkha district head-quarter. Because there was no optional way going home without except by foot and no any rough road going into it. From district head quarter to daraudi river, it takes almost Three hours and walking through the river side to north zone towards the nearby of famous place “BARPAK” took almost FIVE hours and stepping up from the DARAUDI river bank to reach my village took almost TWO hours. Around the year 1995 to 2003, during this period, I completed my intermediate in science and bachelor degree in computer engineering, I always took the step going home walking via pokharithok, nareshwor, nibel phat, bhalu-swara, argul, finamtar, chanaute, jhyallaphat, muchhowktar to jhyanwa, SIMJUNG, once a year. The east, west, north and south areas of this village are BARPAK/SAURPANI, BHACHCHEK/KUSUNDE, GHYACHCHOK/TIBET, and MUCHCHOK/JHYALLA respectively.

It has been almost six years since I am making my visit abroad and different areas of Nepal, however I didn’t have time to go back to my birth places. It was not my periodic visit. But I feel the necessity of periodic visit to this place twice a year. Recently the government increases the transportation price by 9%, which directly affected to low income people of rural places those who are especially dependent on agriculture.   Daily, the bus directly goes to BALUWA (near barpak and jhyanwa) and also to the city oriented place BHACHCHEK costing 525 rupees per person. The bus route to north and west areas of Gorkha simply bypass the district head quarter. Once in an early decade, elite group of headquarter area are always against the extension of road from district. Finally it is realized that once a leader