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Shocking changes within the recent half decade


It took almost Ten hours walking to my home at simjung, bhachchek from gorkha district head-quarter. Because there was no optional way going home without except by foot and no any rough road going into it. From district head quarter to daraudi river, it takes almost Three hours and walking through the river side to north zone towards the nearby of famous place “BARPAK” took almost FIVE hours and stepping up from the DARAUDI river bank to reach my village took almost TWO hours. Around the year 1995 to 2003, during this period, I completed my intermediate in science and bachelor degree in computer engineering, I always took the step going home walking via pokharithok, nareshwor, nibel phat, bhalu-swara, argul, finamtar, chanaute, jhyallaphat, muchhowktar to jhyanwa, SIMJUNG, once a year. The east, west, north and south areas of this village are BARPAK/SAURPANI, BHACHCHEK/KUSUNDE, GHYACHCHOK/TIBET, and MUCHCHOK/JHYALLA respectively.

It has been almost six years since I am making my visit abroad and different areas of Nepal, however I didn’t have time to go back to my birth places. It was not my periodic visit. But I feel the necessity of periodic visit to this place twice a year. Recently the government increases the transportation price by 9%, which directly affected to low income people of rural places those who are especially dependent on agriculture.   Daily, the bus directly goes to BALUWA (near barpak and jhyanwa) and also to the city oriented place BHACHCHEK costing 525 rupees per person. The bus route to north and west areas of Gorkha simply bypass the district head quarter. Once in an early decade, elite group of headquarter area are always against the extension of road from district. Finally it is realized that once a leader
wish, he/she can do everything. Dr. Bhattarai made the people’s dream into reality that I have never/ever imagine that a vehicle (car/bus/motorbike) will reach to my village ever. But this time I am really shocked at the moment when I dropped by direct bus from Kathmandu to my birth place. It’s a hilly and sloppy area where the bus moving at the middle of the cliff giving the horns and the sounds echos back from another hill. The nearby hills are vibrating momentarily by the horns. Rural boys are travelling by flavor of motorbike like FZ, Pulser, HUNK, UNICORN etc….
By this travel experiences i realized to point out the following:

  • People in the capital city are facing almost 12hrs load shading every day, whereas, all eye-view zones including this village is covered with 24Hrs electricity. 150 rupees per month as unlimited electricity charge. 
  • Slight changes in agricultural farming, however not yet fully modernize. People feel more comfortable using tractor and 4-wheel vehicles while traveling and carrying out materials for farming. 
  • Shree Himalay Secondary School turns into Higher Secondary School. 
  • The school is the SLC center of Barpak, Lapsiboat, Kusunde and Jaubari...
  • Once a male chicken opens it mouth (KUKHURI KAAAAAAAN), it costs 1K rupees.
  • little bit ELIGHT family have gas cylinder at their home.
  • Separate toilet with every family.
  • Goat meat is almost 500 RS per kilogram. (Khasi-Boka are rare, difficult to find and cost high). Urban business man are attracted in this area to supply those animals for meat in to cities.
  • Computers, printers, scanner, fax..Etc electronic gadgets have been set at VDC office.  
  • Mobile set on everyone’s hand calling from one room to another room. Phone-line business (online business for internet based, phone-line business for mobile call base business) became more effective.
  • Peoples are losing typical traditional cultures and costumes. The village is now directly connected with the cities. Urban effect increased in a considerable factor.
  • Politics…..yes, the political cycle is cycling. six years back, there was a whim of Maoist which led to make Dr. Bhattarai “man of the election”
    •  Some People are trying to establish in the politics, however they don’t have any contribution in the Nepalese politics and are also academically unqualified. however money is the matter, they want to takeover political leadership using monetary factor. Sometimes I feel, money is better than knowledge/wisdom however people say knowledge/wisdom is the best against money. Hummm... these two parameters are interdependence.  Financial treatment is not a long-term solution and it also increases the duality nature.

    Definitely there has been several contributions from other people in this zone development, where leaders in the democratic era (after 2046) had disseminated several dreams to rural people, in which they decide but never achieve. May be the people's dream came into reality after Dr. Bhattarai just build the backbone road network at Gorkha district which is essential for local development. I saw slight changes in political environment. Those people who were Maoists before are now seem to align into other political streams. Current political movement shows that certain percentage votes will be deduced for Dr. Bhattarai, probably it does make difference to him if he will be the candidate of the election. possibly he may not be the "man of the election again". It’s the pre-notice to dear bhattarai with suggestions to visit those places and address the issues and has to benchmark himself about his contribution in this area, if he wants to be “man of the election” again. 
    Within this last six years, I saw such several changes in the villages. These are really shocking changes what I feel.

    school premise (Shree Himalay Higher Secondary School)
    School Buildings..Ground

    Government Security Vehicle at the School during SLC-2069

    View of Mount Manasalu from School Premise

    The school buildings, premises, toilet and overall management is quite satisfactory. Being SLC center and running +2 level into this school add more values and feels me proud of also being the first engineer among the SLC graduates from this school. This school is now able to produce engineers and doctors of philosophy. Hope, its SLC graduates will become MBBS doctors soon. I think my school has more possibility as it is centrally located and easily accessible from anywhere. May be the community centers, ICT centers, call centers, cyber centers and all will be established in the future however attempt required from VDC, District, political and academic level.

    It is hard to predict where are they (mom-daughter in the picture) going? But it is the main road passing via the middle of my village going towards Simjung-Ghachchok and Bhachchek. the vehicles are traveling daily taking food and beverages to rural people.

Rural children, I am happy taking photo with them. I remembered my past as I was also in this stage and also on this environment. However it is really difficult to escape out from such environment.  Hence environmental change required.

Still there are several challenges in to my villages. the road to this area is just a rough road even not graveled. Has to revert back to 10hrs walking to reach the destiny during rainy season. So i request Dr. Bhattarai and those other political leaders  who want to see their future from this zone, make commitment to gravel the road at least before this 2nd constituent assembly election.

Daju-Bahini ko pose herana.!! Cherisa and Bipin
Daraudi River View at Dhodeni

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