Friday, June 07, 2013

Make your FreeBSD Machine an IPv6-only Router

This article provides you necessary step-by-step information to make a computer a Router with the following assumption. A complete unicast and multicast router will have been setup over a machine phase wise in which
1.    The Virtual Machine has at least 128M RAM, two network cards (network interfaces), 10GB HDD and CD/DVD.
2.      Lets create such machine over a VM ware platform in to your existing HOST Operating system (Windows/Linux OS)
3.    Make sure that you have installed VMware Server/VMware Workstation/or Oracle VM virtual box.
4.    I am using Oracle VM virtual box (light weight package than VMware Server/Workstation).
5.    FreeBSD 6.2 ISO images are used for the installation. A latest FreeBSD you can install however my objective is to make you understandable in a CORE level about how routing works in kernel level. Latest OS might have almost concepts already integrated into the system.
6.     The router host name is “BSD-Routerv6”
7.    The router’s UP interface (may be em0) has set the IPv6 address : 2001:d30:101::ROLLNO and down interface (may be em1) has the IPv6 address : 2001:d30:111::ROLLNO. The IPv6 address chosen here is not an authorized IPv6 address. Dont set this IP at your real IPv6 network via your Virtual Machine. It is just for testing and experimental routing purpose.
8.    Almost steps are explained in text to avoid image which consumes more memory.

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