Thursday, September 11, 2014

Continent Visits with ICT Policy Conferences (From South Pole)

I must say lucky for being able to visit popular countries of two continents with policy conference within this year 2014. ICANN-50 London meeting form 21-26 Jun, 2014; as it is an apex body of internet policy making especially on domain names and numbers & CPR South -2014 (Communication Policy Research South) Conference which I am attending now at Johannesburg, South Africa.

Being lecturer of computer engineering at Tribhuvan University, ICANN-50 policy meet was really fruitful for me and it boosted me up more into my lectures and fulfill the requirements of syllabus to achieve university degree for my students. Additionally I am a master’s student of Tribhuvan University: Masters of Public Administration (MPA).  While I studied public policy subject in my MPA degree, it influenced me towards ICT policy which is the concern of public and a part of public policy. My job while I was an Asst. Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) also catalyzed me towards the value of policy formulation and its importance for the country.  I have decided to continue study towards policy formulation, implementation, public policy impacts and many more in my dissertation period of MPA degree.

When I completed my short term research on “Tele-Center impact on rural Nepal” I have further decided to have research on “ICT in the rural Nepal: Prospects and Problems” which has major research question as “what are the major challenges of increasing ICT accessibilities in the rural Nepal”.  I expect this conference would be highly fruitful not only of ICT policy making but also about how to carry out proper research in the sectors.

On the way form OR Tambo Airport (JNB) to Riverstone

First time I felt really different in my abroad visit after I reached Riverstone Lodge, a bit far from Johannesburg city main area. It is like resort and warmly hospitalized.
The environment is quite peaceful, no city crowd, no traffic problem. I felt as if I came to my vacation celebration but unfortunately without family. Hence I won the double bonanza: Fully entertaining resort stay and research conference with interaction of new faces/friends.   But unfortunately the lodge doesn’t have internet facility at room, either it is available at reception, restaurant and conference hall. This also makes me feel different.
Quite Peaceful the lodge is

Peaceful area at Muldersdrift near RIVERSTONE Lodge
Before leaving for Johannesburg, I am quite serious regarding the matter that my family, office staffs and other friends were worried about the EBOLA outbreak in Africa. In fact, EBOLA outbreak is limited at some West African countries from where the travel is banned by South Africa. I read in the news that South Africa is affected by the reduction of tourist intake due to EBOLA whim but the country is as safe as INDIA, NEPAL and other countries. Yes it might be true the tourist intake is reduced so that my trip form Kathmandu to Johannesburg via TG flight was quite comfortable. I utilized other vacant seats in the plane however I paid ticket fee for a single person. The plane was only 65% full from Bangkok to Johannesburg. Another friend from Nepal (Mr. Aman Shrestha) is also joining the same program while we two were together in the flight. Hence the trip became more entertaining.Definitely it is my concern and concerns of my family and all friends that EBOLA is a communicable danger disease.   But I was confident that I am going into a safe place. I hope, I should not be in the 21 days quarantine watch list at the Kathmandu airport, when I return back from Johannesburg. There is no EBOLA at all as we all were filtered in the JNB airport arrival.

I was invited as young scholar (researcher) and the conference draft program was quite exciting for me and led me forget about any kind of disease even if it is at Johannesburg, I was motivated to join the tutorial program and conference. 

CPRSouth conference, as it is named “Communication Policy Research South” Conference is a combined effort of LIRNEasia (ICT policy research organization, of South Asia and the Research ICT Africa (ICT policy research organization of Africa, It is supposed to be the combined research activities be initiated between South Asia and South Africa, hence referred to as CPRSouth.

Communication Policy Research: South (CPRsouth) intends to build human capacity in the South by reinforcing and developing the knowledge, skills, and commitment of ICT policy and regulation scholars in the region or with substantial interest in the region. The overall objective is to create policy intellectuals capable of informed and effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes in specific country    contexts. The overall objective of CPRsouth is to nurture policy intellectuals capable of informed and effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes in specific country contexts.    

Today is the last day of young scholars’ tutorial program. however I involved in some of policy formulating process in Nepal, after I attain this CPRSouth, I felt like I missed some of the major steps of policy formulation and I have to review my works with strict steps of policy research.

I really thankful to the chair of CPRSouth Prof. Dr. Ashok, LIRNEAsia Chair Prof. Dr. Rohan & Research ICT Africa Chair Prof. Dr. Alison for their combined effort to make this happen. I also thank Ms. Ondine and other supporting staffs for the perfect arrangement and nice hospitality.

South Africa is an English speaking country, IS IT? All the advertisements, posters, pamphlets, hoarding boards, traffic symbols etc are written in English language. South Africa has more than eleven local languages; however it seems the preferable language is English. Following Global language is the one parameter for country development.

Towards the shopping mall of JNB

CPRSouth-2014 Graduated Young Scholars

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