Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life from Ground Zero

My home at Simjung, Gorkha: Before Earthquake
Hot season, outside temperature is almost 30 degree. The total seat capacity of my bus going to Gorkha Barpak is 45 but it was fully overloaded. No place to put my foot inside the bus and the hood (open sky) was also full with passengers. Tentatively there were more than 100 passengers in the bus. Government allowed overloading the bus due to earthquake crisis in the country. Rough (even not a gravel), zigzag and steep road through the hilly area. Temperature inside the bus was greater than outside temperature due to heat energy produced from every passenger. Sometimes I felt the bus is getting back at the slope. Everybody with driver was seen to be full of soaking sweat.
Simjung-4, Jhyanwa is my Village at Gorkha. It is located almost opposite of Barkapk Village (4/5 KM far from Simjung by air distance), the main epicenter of 2015 earthquake. I become speechless after seeing the areas. Even I coulndnot mention the situation which I become socked. it feels like lives are at ground zero. Here is some photos uploaded from my village (Simjung-4, Gorkha):
Home After 7.9 Rector Scale Earthquake-2015

Home After 7.9 Rector Scale Earthquake-2015, Front View
Back side view

Where is the key opener?
Himalaya Secondary School, Opposite of Barpak, Before April-12 Earthquake

The same school after earthquake
building near school area after earthquake
life under tent
life under tent

Under Tent...till when?
Earthquake Relief Distribution
Earthquake relief (tent, food) dropped by Indian Army with my peer (Bishun Adhikari, Indian Army) at my village
left without destination...where did they go? nobody knows..
 Some other snapshots from Simjung-4, Jhyanwa, Gorkha:

Trimming into ground

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